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    Royal Parade Apartments, Harrogate Review

    Royal Parade Harrogate, Yorkshire HG1 2SZ, UK
    Royal Parade Apartments Review
    4 Star Rating
    Tags: Harrogate, UK, Self Catering reviewsThe Bill: £170 per night

    Located in the heart of Harrogate is the Royal Parade apartments. It's a three story town house that has a self-proclaimed 'Eco-Chic' design. The designers have endeavoured to create a sublime eco-friendly experience, something at the front of our consciousness in modern day living. From the outside Royal Parade has a distinct period look, with a modern and stylish twist.

    Once entering the building we were surrounded by lavish interiors. We experienced the Royale apartment during our stay, located on the first floor and looking out over Harrogate's historic Royal Parade. The apartment consisted of a large lounge area, a dining room with a small kitchen, a bedroom, and a bathroom. The apartment was beautifully furnished throughout with stylish items and decor. There is a real homely feel to the apartment, while maintaining a high level of luxury and functionality.

    “We enjoyed our stay and wouldn’t hesitate to return.”

    The kitchen is on the small side, but it's perfectly equipped and designed to be easy to use. We did manage to cook a pre-Christmas dinner, and enjoyed this round the dining table which was an enjoyable experience. Self-catering is great, but you also have an option to arrange for breakfast to be prepared for you. This is in partnership with the renowned Weetons Food Hall.

    The eco-friendly designs are evident to see throughout and give a real clean and fresh feel to the apartment. With automatic lighting, a heavy emphasis on recycling rubbish, and the bathroom products sourced from a local company specialising in handmade, organic products.

    If you are looking for something a little different, then experiencing a stay at Royal Parade should be on your short-list. Located in Harrogate you have access by foot to all of the amenities that Harrogate is known for. It has all the charm and stature of a period building, with all the modern facilities you could ask for while being eco-friendly. We enjoyed our stay and wouldn’t hesitate to return.a

    Photos courtesy of Royal Parade Apartments
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