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    FiSH, Hampshire Review

    Chalky Lane, Dogmersfield, Hampshire, RG27 8TD, UK
    FiSH Review
    5 Star Rating
    Tags: Hampshire, UK, Modern European reviewsThe Bill: £74 per head

    The Seasons restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hampshire is a modern restaurant serving French-European cuisine with a contemporary twist. Overlooking the beautiful Dogmersfield Park, the restaurant provides lots of daylight through its large windows creating an open natural atmosphere.

    Each Friday the Seasons restaurant turns into a classic fish restaurant. For one night, the restaurant is buzzing with activity, the menu is filled with fresh fish dishes created from local produce. The restaurant also features a live acoustic guitar player throughout the evening, making the atmosphere even more vibrant.

    While enjoying a bottle of Louis Roederer, Brut Premier, NV, we began our meal with two starters. The first was a dish of giant cooked crevettes served with a marie rose sauce. Although this is a simple and popular seafood starter, we were pleased to find that it had depth of flavour and was most rewarding. We also chose to sample the Portland crab meay and prawns tower. Focussing on the fresh crab and prawns, the dish was simple, allowing the fresh flavour of the local ingredients to take command of the dish.

    “The restaurant also features a live acoustic guitar player throughout the evening.”

    For my main course I chose Dover sole fillet. This was served with a herb butter and beautifully cooked. Again, the freshness of the fillet was clear. We also chose a main dish of whole grilled sea bass, which was served with a Pernod sauce. The sea bass itself was enjoyable and perfectly cooked. The flavour was rich, and well accompanied by the sauce. We also chose to try the creamed spinach side, which was a wonderful addition to our meal.

    Finally, we chose to sample a selection of desserts. The Hampshire dessert selection includes the restaurants favourite desserts, including seasonal fruit crumble, white chocolate cheesecake, apple and strawberry trifle and a mix of fresh berries. This was a wonderful dessert, allowing us to sample the most popular dishes in the restaurant. All of the desserts were very well made and extremely delicious, with the freshness of the ingredients very clear.

    Square Meal

    Photos courtesy of FiSH
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