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Rasoi, Geneva

Quai Turrettini 1, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland
Rasoi Review
5 Star Rating
28 September 2014Rasoi
Tags: Geneva, Switzerland, Indian reviewsThe Bill: £139 per head

As the first Indian fine dining experience in Geneva, it is fair to say that the Rasoi is a bit of a trendsetter. It is the resident restaurant for the Mandarin Oriental in Geneva, and it is a great place for adventurers and business visitors alike to relax after checking in, and checking out their rooms.

For a Michelin Star establishment, the atmosphere is surprisingly laid back, and this gives the Rasoi a distinct advantage. Yes, diners want luxury, but they also want to enjoy it without feeling scrutinised. If you want to please your clientele, you have to make them feel at home, and this restaurant knows that.

“If you want to please your clientele, you have to make them feel at home, and this restaurant knows that.”

This was our second visit, so we wanted to try something special. We sat down to a six course Gourmand taster menu, served with suggested wines.

To start, there was black olives wrapped in banana leaf and marinated Norwegian cod, served with almonds and lentils, and a Sauvignon Les Hutins Geneve 2013. These dishes were delicately flavoured with citrus tones, and a hint of coriander, and the banana leafs were unexpectedly springy on the tongue.

Second, there was chargrilled lobster in Indian gravy, and crab eye beans in coconut lime sauce. These dishes were served with a young and fruity Condrieu Grande Chaillées Montes 2012. The lobster was cooked to perfection, and the crab eye beans were full and robust, with an earthy flavour.

Third, there was baby chicken achar roast, and a mint and lemon khichdi, consisting of rice and lentils. These dishes were served with a braised chicken jus, and a fruity Rosso Belle Rose Sicily 2012. The achar roast was particularly delightful, with its fruity tomato base and warm hints of cumin and paprika.

Fourth, there came a palate cleanser - a wonderfully zesty orange sorbet, served with a basil mojito.

Fifth, there was grilled lamb chop, and saffron upma, consisting of roasted semolina. These dishes were served with delicate cheese tuile wafers, a cinnamon jus, and a St Joseph Domaine Stephane Ogier Rhone 2011. The lamb was cooked well, but lacked the warmth and fire of the upma, with its cinnamon undertones.

To finish, we enjoyed a rich and indulgent Amedei 70% chocolate and pineapple delice, warm coconut basundi, and pineapple sorbet. The desserts were served with a Coteaux De Layon Les Clos Loire Valley 2010, whose light honeyed notes were an ideal companion.

The Gourmand menu gave us the chance to experience the menu at Rasoi as extensively as possible, and it did not disappoint. We enjoyed our second visit, and we intend to return.

Photos courtesy of Rasoi
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