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Hotel Lungarno, Florence

Borgo San Jacopo 14, 50125, Florence, Italy
Hotel Lungarno Review
5 Star Rating
23 August 2013Hotel Lungarno
Tags: Florence, Italy, Traditional reviewsThe Bill: £1500 per night

Hotel Lungarno, Florence, is situated beautifully on the river Arno, less than 100 metres from Florence’s Ponte Vecchio. Featuring unspoilt views over the city skyline, the hotel’s location couldn’t be much more impressive.

Hotel Lungaro is a hotel with traditional values. With Leonardo Ferragamo as president, the hotel stays firmly grounded to its stylish roots that the Ferragamo name is most famous for and is the most traditional of Ferragamo’s four properties in Florence. With Salvatore Ferrangamo, genius shoemaker and master of hospitality as his father and the founder of the hotel, Leonardo Ferragamo maintains hotel Lungaro’s fashionable style to an impressive standard.

Internationally respected Florentine architect Michele Bönan is responsible for the interior design. Bönan’s famous ‘harmony and irony’ style is reflected in the hotel’s eclectic style.

We were fortunate enough to stay in the Picasso Suite during our visit; an exquisite space. The suite is very spacious, consisting of a living room, bedroom and bathroom. The suite overlooks the River Arno and boasts an impressive balcony terrace from which you can enjoy the stunning views.

The antique wooden furniture and original artwork are great focus points of the suite. Another worthy mention would be the beautiful marble bathroom, complete with hydro massage tub and Salvatore Ferrangamo toiletries – pure Italian luxury.

“The hotel provides the perfect base to explore Florence and discover its wealth of culture.”

The service at the hotel is impeccable. We were greeted by friendly staff who make you feel like old friends and make sure you know that they are completely at your disposal. The concierge is always on hand to offer you special insights into the city; places to visit, how to get there and expert insider knowledge into what Florence really has to offer.

The hotel provides the perfect base to explore Florence and discover its wealth of culture. It is well worth making the most of the concierge’s knowledge and taking time to visit the many museums, palaces, chuches, wineries and medieval villages close by. Florence truly is one of the most romantic and beautiful places you will ever visit.

Dining is also a delight at the Lungaro with their renowned restaurant Borgo San Jacopo offering the most delicious dishes, which you can enjoy overlooking the stunning views of the River Arno. The menu boasts a fusion of both Tuscan and Mediterranean cuisines created by chef Beatrice Segoni.

Location is such a key asset of this hotel, so if you’re looking for a break that is as cultural as it is romantic, this is the place for you. It comes highly recommended by us as a stunning luxury hotel with stylish, traditional values.

Photos courtesy of Hotel Lungarno
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