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Hotel Continentale, Florence

Vicolo dell’Oro, 6r, 50123, Florence, Italy
Hotel Continentale Review
5 Star Rating
6 April 2014Hotel Continentale
Tags: Florence, Italy, Boutique reviewsThe Bill: £330 per night

The Hotel Continentale, part of the Lungaro Collection, can be found in the most beautiful location on the banks for the River Arno. This is a very romantic hotel that originated in the 1950’s. It offers a modern and vibrant atmosphere, which makes this hotel a breath of fresh air. This is a seriously stylish place.

With a clean, white tonal colour palette, the interior design is crisp and elegant. Furnishings are authentic and eclectic, making for an interesting view around every corner. Upon arrival, we were greeted by friendly staff, who quickly and efficiently checked us in and showed us to our suite.

“Offering unrestricted views over the Ponte Vecchio, the room was flooded with light.”

The lift to our suite was an experience in itself! A bright white space, illuminated from top to bottom, with a wall mounted iPad, allowing guests to take selfies and shirt videos. It’s rather amusing to look at in the morning after guests of the roof top bar have indulged in this the night before!

After we marvelled at the lift, we reached out junior suite, which was quite simply, stunning. Offering unrestricted views over the Ponte Vecchio, the room was flooded with light that was sheltered only by wonderful floor-to-ceiling white netting. The same netting is also hung around the canopy bed, that you can pull around to enclose you whilst you sleep. It’s a very romantic room, indeed.

The furnishings are equally as gorgeous, with a custom made trunk style desk that encloses a mini bar, and even has a pull out seat. Beautiful photographic images adorn the walls, and the bathroom was equally as impressive.

There’s plenty to do whilst staying at The Hotel Continentale, such as local walks, drinks on the roof top bar with stunning views, or even a visit to the hotel’s spa. We were very impressed with our visit.

Photos courtesy of Hotel Continentale
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