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The Carpenters Arms, Felixkirk

Felixkirk, Thirsk, Yorkshire YO7 2DP, UK
The Carpenters Arms Review
4 Star Rating
9 November 2014The Carpenters ArmsTags: Felixkirk, UK, Boutique reviewsThe Bill: £160 per night

In the cosy little hamlet of Felixkirk, just outside Thirsk, there sits a relatively diminutive pub, restaurant, and hotel which goes by the name of the Carpenters Arms. From its humble exterior, you might expect a similarly basic hotel, but you would be wrong. In fact, the Carpenters Arms offers much more than you would ever expect from a countryside inn.

The rooms are sprawling affairs, made possible by the fact that the bulk of the building is behind its front, and not immediately visible upon arrival. The décor is simple, with hints of northern tradition here and there; wooden beams, oak furniture, old fashioned artwork, but the emphasis is actually on a more modern approach.

“The décor is simple, with hints of northern tradition here and there.”

For example, the open fireplaces are minimalistic and chic – there are no coal spitting wood burners here. We were allocated a garden room, which overlooked the grounds and offered breathtaking views of the Vale of Mowbray. It also contained a gun safe, because this a hot spot for game shooting.

The bathroom facilities were surprisingly luxurious, with a walk in drench shower and marbled surfaces. There was a plasma television in the room, which also contained electric windows and remote controlled blinds, so you we didn’t even have to get out of bed to enjoy the early morning sunrise. With a pub and restaurant downstairs, the Carpenters Arms offers visitors everything that they could possibly need for an authentic Yorkshire experience.

To be honest, we loved our stay here, and have found it difficult to come up with aspects which could have been improved. The staff were charming and friendly, the facilities were great, the food was stunning, and the location really made our visit all the more special. We eagerly await our return to this charming Yorkshire hideaway.

Photos courtesy of The Carpenters Arms
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