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Glazebrook House, Devon

Glazebrook, South Brent, Devon TQ10 9JE, UK
Glazebrook House Review
5 Star Rating
4 February 2015Glazebrook House
Tags: Devon, UK, Boutique reviewsThe Bill: £280 per night

After driving up the long sweeping driveway leading to this recently opened Glazebrook House, we parked, scuffled across the car park and, as the rain got increasingly heavier, the door was opened for us and we were warmly greeted and welcomed.

Having arrived earlier than scheduled, our luggage was stored and we were shown through to the bar, where we were expecting to find a calm and still early Sunday morning ambience. Surprisingly, we found a lively atmosphere of guests enjoying aperitifs before Sunday lunch. The room was filled with a smart and fun feeling, so we decided to join in with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, despite the early hour.

The bar is lavishly designed, featuring large, quirky chairs, as well as a stuffed peacock. Although the room is fairly small, itís clear that no expense has been spared.

"Glazebrook House delivers a surreal, almost dreamlike experience"

While being shown to our room, the Mad Hatter, on the first floor, we passed thorough the Horse room, adorned with equestrian memorabilia, along with 20 or so wall-mounted drums. Two stuffed owls were also met along the corridor. By then, this hotel was already showing its character, and yet we still had to enter our room.

When the door opened, it was like waking up in a fairytale dream, while being introduced to some of this roomís facilities by our host: an incredibly inviting bed, with a mountain of scattered cushions; a large black leather armchair sitting next to the polished marble desk; a country house style wooden wardrobe, housing two beautiful soft robes which guests are encouraged to wear for breakfast; a complimentary mini bar, fully stocked with exciting goodies such as chocolate, crisps, penny sweets and other treats.

The real making of the room is the collection of dolls houses with illuminated windows fixed on the wall above the headboard. One would expect this kind of novelty in London or New York; yet, here we're in Devon. The room also boasts a fine selection of top hats, which I couldnít resist trying, and a colorful collection of plates surrounding the large wall-mounted plasma TV. We also loved the Prince Charles and Princess Diana cups and saucers, which were a treat for our green tea.

The bathroom is huge. The polished black and white floor tiles are elegantly engraved with the name Glazebrook. The room also features two basins, a beautiful standalone bath, big enough for two, a walk-in shower, and heated floor, which makes it all a pure joy to experience.

It was tough to leave our room, but we wanted to explore the rest of this property. Downstairs in the lobby you'll find a chrome-polished bulldog standing guard on the kitch reception desk, as well as a Queen Elizabeth covered in fairy lights along with a dinosaur skeleton and a stuffed flamingo keeping a watchful eye on the hotel guests. The whiskey room is also worth a visit and do look out for the oversized Winston Churchill statue smoking a lit up cigar.

We had a beautiful evening in their restaurant. Located inside the marvellous Glazebrook house, the dining room is well assembled and follows the charming interior from the rest of the property. The food is divine and the menu offers a generous choice of dishes, with a variety of vegetarian options as well. The service, like in the rest of the hotel, is fun and friendly.

We simply cannot find fault in any area of this charming hotel and its staff. The location is idyllic yet perfect for those looking to explore the surrounding cost line in Devon, as plenty of suggestions are available from the staff.

Photos courtesy of Glazebrook House
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