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Headland Hotel, Cornwall

Fistral Beach, Newquay, Cornwall TR7 1EW, UK
Headland Hotel Review
4 Star Rating
31 January 2015Headland HotelTags: Cornwall, UK, Traditional reviewsThe Bill: £280 per night

We visited The Headland Hotel in Cornwall a few years ago and experienced their cottages. With fond memories of an enjoyable experience, we thought we would return and stay in the hotel.

The hotel is located on the cliff edge of Newquay's coast line. The location and views are breathtaking and the building itself stands proud, we're excited to explore inside. It's a large red brick building, with what seems like countless windows allowing in an abundance of natural light.

After a swift check-in we were escorted to our room. We had a room titled "Best Room", which as the title would imply is the best room they have on offer. It was a spacious room with a small terrace overlooking the sandy beach and ocean which was a nice experience. The bedroom had a four poster bed and wicker table and chairs, no complaints about the good night's sleep we had.

“It has some of that magical seaside charm.”

The first thing you notice about the bathroom is the size. There was a separate bath and walk-in shower, and it's worth mentioning that the shower is digitally operated and very spacious. A nice touch, and something I could easily get used to. The bathroom wasn't overly luxurious, but it's in-keeping with the design of the rest of the room and hotel.

The room also included a large flat screen TV and some other amenities you would expect. The decor throughout is very seaside chic, with lots of white's and clean colours. There is plenty of natural light and a very relaxing seaside feel, and with the sea barely out of ear-shot the whole scene is set.

The hotel is both dog and children friendly, which was evident from the offset and being near the seaside it attracts families and pets. There is also a restaurant, a recently opened spa with a good sized indoor pool, a vast offering of treatments and pampering sessions, and a huge fitness room covering everything one could possibly need.

The Headland Hotel has a very British traditional feel, it has some of that magical seaside charm, and makes for a great family getaway near the beach. Not first choice for those looking for a strictly luxurious escape, but a wonderful hotel nevertheless.

Photos courtesy of Headland Hotel
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