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    Ruby, Copenhagen Review

    Nybrogade 10, 1203, Denmark
    Ruby Review
    4 Star Rating
    Tags: Copenhagen, Denmark, Cocktail Bar reviewsThe Bill: £47 per head

    During a recent trip to Copenhagen, we decided to visit Ruby; a wonderful cocktail bar that can be found located in the oldest part of the city, in a townhouse that dates back to 1740. This wealth of history can be felt throughout the bar, which offers the perfect mix of classic and modern design that works perfectly hand-in-hand.

    When we arrived we settled into two comfy armchairs and picked up the cocktail menu, which made for great reading. For my first cocktail, I chose the Millésime Cocktail, this saw a mix of Remy Martin X.O Cognac, cream sherry, lavender, quince and rhubarb. Described on the menu as “forward thinking, classic drinking”, we absolutely could not agree more.

    My second choice was the Aquanaut, which interestingly featured Plymouth gin with Taffel Akvavit, tarragon, sugar and lemon juice. This was a fresh and delicious cocktail which packed a good punch. Finally, I enjoyed a Meadow Mist, which was a superb combination of Ketel One Vodka, Champagne, sorrel and elderflower. This was a delicious and refined cocktail that was a real highlight for me.

    “It’s clearly evident that the bartenders at Ruby truly know what they’re doing and that they are experts in their craft.”

    My partner went for the American first up, which saw a mix of Campari, Punt e Mes, soda, Martini Ambrato and Nordic tonic. This aromatic blend made for a great start and certainly hit the spot. Up next was the Tuxedo Cocktail that was mixed with Koøbenhavn Dry Gin, vermouth, Maraschino, orange bitters and absinthe. Another punchy and aromatic cocktail, this one really blew us away. Finally, my partner chose the Melange, which was a blend of Lillet Rosé, lemon, cantaloupe melon and a pinch of salt. This cocktail made for a most refreshing finish to our lovely evening.

    The cocktails were really quite something. It is clearly evident that the bartenders at Ruby truly know what they’re doing and that they are experts in their craft. The menu is comprehensive and extensive and offers something for all tastes. We also really enjoyed the setting and could imagine spending hours there if we lived in Copenhagen. The atmosphere was buzzy yet relaxed, making for the perfect ambiance of “just noisy enough”.

    We would highly recommend Ruby to anyone looking for a good cocktail in Copenhagen. We are very much looking forward to returning and sampling more of their wonderful cocktail list.

    Photos courtesy of Ruby
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