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Holmens Kanal, Copenhagen

Holmens Kanal 7, 1060, Denmark
Holmens Kanal Review
4 Star Rating
11 August 2014Holmens KanalTags: Copenhagen, Denmark, Cocktail Bar reviewsThe Bill: £48 per head

Holmens Kanal can be found located right in the centre of Copenhagen. You’ll have to look closely to find it if you’re not in the know as it is fairly tucked away with just a small sign next to the door.

This style of exclusivity is mimicked throughout, and past the door, you enter through a draped curtain before being showed to your table. You could almost be in a London private member’s club. This level of discretion certainly gives Holmens a sophisticated edge.

“The feel of exclusivity really makes this bar very unique indeed.”

Sitting at our table, we studied the cocktail list in detail. We loved the menu concept, which featured a miniature icon next to each cocktail to demonstrate how it is served; be it in a long glass, a short glass, or a martini glass.

First up, we chose to sample a Clover Club - a classic blend of gin, vermouth, raspberries and lemon. This cocktail was the perfect blend of sharp and sweet, with flavours akin to raspberry sorbet.

Next, we opted for the Lavender Sour, which saw a mix of gin with lavender, sage, lemon, and soda water. This botanical infusion saw some interesting flavours, which married together perfectly. It was truly delicious.

The third cocktail we chose to sample was the Joe’s Martini. This saw a blend of bourbon, espresso, apricot, and cacao. The hints of apricot and cocoa really stand out in this cocktail, and it was an innovative taste sensation.

Lastly (but certainly not least) came our personal favourite - the Flamingo Fizz. This cocktail is a mix of vodka, pomegranate, grapefruit, and cream. Velvety and sweet - this cocktail was simply beautiful.

We were very impressed with the cocktails at Holmens, and would certainly look to return. The atmosphere is fantastic, and the feel of exclusivity really makes this bar very unique indeed.

Photos courtesy of Holmens Kanal
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