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Blacklane, Copenhagen

Blacklane, Copenhagen Review

On a recent trip to Copenhagen, we decided once again to use Blacklane to take us to our hotel destination. Blacklane are a full-service chauffeuring company, who never fail to impress. We have used Blacklane for journeys whilst travelling many times before, in a number of different countries, so we felt safe in the knowledge that everything would go swimmingly; and we were not disappointed.

Upon our arrival at Copenhagen Airport, we were greeted by our friendly driver who relieved us of our luggage and showed us out to a gleaming Mercedes E-Class. The car was immaculate, which came as no surprise to us given the previous quality of the vehicles we had experience from Blacklane. We relaxed into the car, ready for our onward journey.

On this occasion, we were travelling to Hotel D’Angleterre which wasn’t a very long journey from the airport, however being tired after our flight we were very pleased of the comforts a Blacklane journey allowed us. We were quickly escorted to the heart of the city and were able to sit back and take in the sights as our driver navigated the roads to our hotel. We also booked our return trip, ensuring we were safely at the airport ahead of our flight.

“Having used Blacklane numerous times now, in various countries and cities around the world, we cannot speak highly enough of their consistently professional service.”

We normally travel in a Mercedes E-Class with Blacklane, but they do in fact offer a large fleet of vehicles, suitable for any party size or amount of luggage. You can choose which vehicle you would like for your journey at the time of booking, so there are no surprises at pick-up. Blacklane also send you regular text updates on their status, which gives good peace of mind that your transfer is all on track. Blacklane are operational in over 200 cities globally, which is great for us as we travel so much.

Having used Blacklane numerous times now, in various countries and cities around the world, we cannot speak highly enough of their consistently professional service. Travelling around the world can be stressful and tiring, but Blacklane have always made our airport journeys hassle-free each and every time, and we cannot speak highly enough of this company and the service they provide. We highly recommend Blacklane to anyone and everyone we can, and always look forward to our journey with them.

Photos courtesy of Blacklane, Copenhagen
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