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    1105, Copenhagen Review

    Kristen Bernikows Gade 4, 1105, Denmark
    1105 Review
    4 Star Rating
    Tags: Copenhagen, Denmark, Cocktail Bar reviewsThe Bill: £43 per head

    1105 is a small cocktail bar that you will find located in the centre of Copenhagen. With dark furnishings and low level lighting, this bar has a very nice atmosphere indeed. And if you’re looking for a good cocktail, then this is the place to go.

    When we arrived, we headed straight for the bar to peruse the list. It’s evident from the menu itself that this is a place that takes its cocktails very seriously. With a paragraph explaining why each cocktail is featured on the menu, we were able to make informed decisions of our choices.

    “Our Scottish mixologist certainly understood his craft”

    Firstly, we chose the Twisted Strawberry. The menu explains that the pride behind the Danish strawberries is unparalleled, and this cocktail is a grand showcase of that pride. It sees strawberries blended with gin, lime, and a taste of celery.

    Secondly, we opted for the Nordic Pimm’s Cup - which is a Danish take on the Wimbledon classic. This cocktail is a botanical mix of Pimm’s, served with lime, verbena, blueberries, strawberries and Danish hobs.

    Up next, we chose the Ponderosa, which the menu states is inspired by the famous dessert. This cocktail sees three main flavours - pineapple, vanilla and sweet plum tomatoes. It’s a delicious and innovative mix.

    Finally, we went for a Blueberry Buttermilk, which is a Danish interpretation of koldskal - a traditional summer dessert. This cocktail contains sweetened buttermilk with white rum and blueberries.

    The cocktails were simply stunning. It was evident from the first sip that our Scottish mixologist certainly understood his craft, and we were blown away by the mixing skill, and flavour knowledge.

    We will certainly be returning to 1105 during our next visit to Copenhagan - the atmosphere teamed with the excellent drinks makes this bar a very special spot indeed. It comes highly recommended by us.

    Photos courtesy of 1105
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