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    Hôtel Quatorze, Colmar

    14 Rue des Augustins, 68000, Colmar, France
    Hôtel Quatorze Review
    4 Star Rating
    27 August 2013Hôtel Quatorze
    Tags: Colmar, France, City reviewsThe Bill: £129 per night

    Hotel Quatorze is a beautiful hotel, located just steps away from the historic French town of Colmar. The building is in fact an ancient pharmacy, dating back to 1830, which gives it a quirky edge; however has been brought bang-up-to-date through recent years. Being a stone’s throw away from the beautiful cathedral, and also the famous Maison Pfister, the hotel provides a great base from which to experience some typical French culture.

    Described as a ‘boutique hotel’ one would be forgiven for interpreting the French meaning of ‘boutique’ as very small indeed (!), however this hotel is far from pokey and our suite was plenty spacious. As inferred by the name, Hotel Quatroze is home to 14 rooms, all tastefully and comfortably furnished.

    “Crisp white walls and intriguing wall art made our suite a very pleasant experience indeed.”

    Crisp white walls and intriguing wall art made our suite a very pleasant experience indeed. Being open plan, there was a real sense of space, with a large stylist bath and sink with a slightly more secluded walk-in shower. The rooms boast AESOP toiletries, which are a great luxury touch.

    We were greeting with a very well received glass of local sparkling wine. We enjoyed it sat on the front terrace next to the old pharmacy sign, which is a great feature.

    The bar – Bar Quatorze – offers a comprehensive selection of regional wines and Champagnes. It is a very popular spot for wine tastings, which the guests are encouraged to participate in. It is a great experience, as the team is exceptionally knowledgeable and there is a lot to learn.

    The restaurant at Hotel Quatorze is also superb, serving up delicious French dinners, and our breakfast was notably delicious and plentiful.

    All-in-all we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Hotel Quatorze and would thoroughly recommend this luxury boutique hotel for those who appreciate fine French culture.

    Photos courtesy of Hôtel Quatorze
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