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    YOKU, Cheltenham

    131 Promenade, Cheltenham GL50 1NW, UK
    YOKU Review
    5 Star Rating
    27 January 2020YOKU
    Tags: Cheltenham, UK, Asian reviewsThe Bill: Ł69 per head

    Nestled between the elegant embrace of No. 131, a world of culinary wonders awaited at restaurant YOKU; With a known reputation for its tantalising flavours and impeccable service, me and my partner found ourselves irresistibly drawn to this Japanese-inspired restaurant - both eager to discover its remarkable reputation for ourselves; we were not disappointed; we embarked on a beautiful evening full of unforgettable flavours and attentive service - we almost had to pinch ourselves to remind us that we weren’t actually in Tokyo as everything was so wonderfully authentic, from the tastefully designed interior, which seamlessly blended modern sophistication with timeless elegance, the panoramic view of the busy cityscape beyond and the buzzing atmosphere of the restaurant.

    We were slightly early for our booking as we wanted to try a drink or two at 'Tokoyo Bar' as we had heard such good things, and it didn't disappoint! So to begin the evening, I opted for the Osaka, which was mixed with Haku Vodka, Mr Black Coffee Liqueur, Vanilla and Dalgona Coffee - and my partner went for a glass of Chenin Blan, Mullineux, Kloof Street, South Africa - And we must agree, the Tokoyo Bar is a must try!

    "We almost had to pinch ourselves to remind us that we weren’t actually in Tokyo."

    When we arrived for our booking at YOKU, we were greeted warmly by a member of their front-of-house staff members who invited us to our table. Our waiter for the evening went through the details of their menu and explained how they worked closely with local suppliers to create a menu that uses a medley of seasonal ingredients.

    To start our three-course dinner, we began with the Yoku signature rolls by the name of 'Ebi Ten', which was 8 pieces complete with tempura prawn, asparagus, avocado, tobiko, unagi sauce, mayonnaise and crispy lotus root and my partner went for the Yoku signature rolls by the name of 'Open Spider Roll' which was 5 pieces complete with tempura soft shell crab, avocado, tobiko, sweet chilli sauce, chilli caramel crisp - and this just made us more excited for the rest of the dining experience, because everything was simply perfect, from the presentation to the taste - the chefs here have a natural talent.

    For our main course, after a lot of debate, I ordered the 'Misco Black Cod', which is Miso Marinated Black Cod served with Green Chilli and Crispy Lotus Roo. My partner called the 'Wagyu Don', which was to the tune of Grilled Kagoshima As Wagyu Beef, Steamed Rice, Aji Tama Egg, Menma, Woodear Mushroom, Spring Onion, Bulgogi Sauce and Crispy Lotus Root - everything about our meal was well balanced and flavoursome; To accompany the meal, we enjoyed a glass of red wine each, I decided on the Pinor Noi, Mentes, and Casablanca from Chile, and my partner chose the Beaujolais, Lantignie from Frane.

    For dessert, I decided on the 'Chocolate Orange' served with white chocolate and orange mousse, which was highly recommended by the waiting team ( and now I understand why). My partner went for the 'Banana and Coconut Ten', a crispy fried banana in coconut tempura butter competed with palm sugar syrup and vanilla ice cream; an absolute treat for the tastebuds!

    Everything was perfect and we highly recommend this restaurant regardless of whether you're staying at No. 131 or not. The attentive staff were always on hand and provided everything we requested - orchestrating an atmosphere of refined indulgence. The dedication to exceptional service became evident when we entered the restaurant; they anticipated our every need with genuine warmth and personal touch. We can't recommend this restaurant enough; a wonderful experience that will be remembered for a long time.

    Photos courtesy of YOKU

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