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Tiara Chateau Hotel Mont Royal, Chantilly

Route de Plailly, 60520 La Chapelle en Serval, France
Tiara Chateau Hotel Mont Royal Review
5 Star Rating
1 January 2015Tiara Chateau Hotel Mont RoyalTags: Chantilly, France, Traditional reviewsThe Bill: £370 per night

The Tiara Château Hôtel Mont Royal Chantilly is a spectacular looking building. It's an 18th-century palace sitting on a hilltop surrounded by luscious woodlands, if that isn't enough to impress you I'm not sure what will. From a distance it looks like something you would see on a postcard, a truly picturesque setting that needs to be seen in person to fully appreciate.

It's found no more than 30 minutes outside of Paris by car, making it an easy option for those looking for a weekend escape. After we drove up the long sweeping driveway we were greeted by the most beautiful facade that is waiting to be explored. Chantilly is known as the capital of the horse, and the lobby area pays homage to this with two life-size beautifully crafted and standing proud either side of the reception desk.

The inside of the hotel is traditional, although there is a strong regal theme as you would expect from a Palace, it’s been refurbished and modernised to meet all the modern day needs of any guests.

"The suite as a whole was perfectly presented and a joy to stay in."

After a swiftly handled check-in, we were shown to our suite. Our suite was very spacious, and included a separate lounge area, bedroom, bathroom, and a large terrace with incredible views, we spent many hours enjoying the views across the picturesque Chantilly Forrest and surrounding area.

Inside the suite we were treated to luxurious decor and wonderfully finished furnishings. There was a large sofa, desk, and plasma TV in the lounge. The bed was very comfortable, and the pillows were plush. The bathroom was spacious and finished with soft towels and toiletries, the suite as a whole was perfectly presented and a joy to stay in.

The hotel also has a host of other facilities, including an indoor swimming pool with black chandeliers hanging overhead. There are also squash courts and a small fitness room, so all the fitness needs of any guest is taken care of. There is a fine dining restaurant and a bar, and the staff are extremely helpful and proud of their positions at the hotel.

The experience was an absolute joy from start to finish. We recommend it to anyone looking for a pleasurable, relaxing stay just outside of Paris.

Photos courtesy of Tiara Chateau Hotel Mont Royal
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