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Auberge du Jeu de Paume, Chantilly

4 Rue du Connétable, 60500 Chantilly, France
Auberge du Jeu de Paume Review
5 Star Rating
28 September 2018Auberge du Jeu de PaumeTags: Chantilly, France, Luxury reviewsThe Bill: £420 per night

Auberge Du Jeu De Paume in Chantilly is a hotel with an impressive grand appearance. Even with such a grand appearance, it manages to surprise and impress upon entry as we first found out when we had the pleasure of visiting previously.

As we approach on a road that snakes through the immaculately presented gardens of Chantilly it’s hard not to feel like we’re taking a step back in time. The surrounding forest gave us a feeling of seclusion and exclusivity, and by the time we were greeted at the entrance the bustle of the city couldn’t be further from our minds.

We were excited to be returning once again after having such a memorable experience. The moment we stepped foot on the marble flooring of the lobby the fond memories of our first visit came flooding back like it was just weeks ago.

During our stay, we had the pleasure of experiencing one of their Deluxe Suites. What struck us as we first entered our suite was how spacious the suite was, while being wonderfully furnished with a number of sophisticated pieces of furniture.

In the living area, there were the most gorgeous and inviting Louis XV armchairs positioned around hand-carved console tables. A must if you’ve had a long day and want to relax and soak up the ambience surrounding you.

“We were excited to be returning once again after having such a memorable experience.“

Moving into the bedroom area, the bedroom offered one of the most inviting beds we’ve seen and felt in recent memory. It was adorned with a number of plump cushions varying in density, and the room also had a corner desk, table and chairs, flat screen TV, and a terrace overlooking the glorious surrounding area of Chantilly.

I would be remiss not to mention the intriguing portraits that adorn the walls of the suite. We’re sure that each piece has its own storied history, as does each item of carefully selected furniture.

Venturing outside of the suite to dine you have the option of visiting La Table du Connetablet, their gourmet restaurant where an unforgettable culinary journey awaits. Or, for those seeking a more casual experience you can stop at the bar area or visit their more casual restaurant Le Jardin d’Hiver.

Venturing further into the hotel reveals a spa area and fitness centre, where you can receive a soothing massage, enjoy the relaxation pool, and grab a fresh juice at the juice bar. There are also golf and equestrian sports facilities for those seeking some outdoors activities.

The hotel is impeccably clean, the period decor does an excellent job of drawing you into a wonderfully traditional French experience, once again we were unable to fault it and look forward to returning again in the future.

Photos courtesy of Auberge du Jeu de Paume
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