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    The Living Room, Budapest

    Budapest, Erzsbet tr 7, 1051 Hungary, Hungary
    The Living Room Review
    4 Star Rating
    9 July 2018The Living Room
    Tags: Budapest, Hungary, Afternoon tea reviewsThe Bill: 25 per head

    During a recent stay at the Kempinski Hotel Corvinus in Budapest, we decided to indulge in a spot of afternoon tea in The Living Room. This is a special place to enjoy afternoon tea; the ambiance is relaxing, and the abundance of art around the room makes for an intriguing place to spend a few hours. The Living Room also boasts live music throughout the month, which adds to the joy of this fine establishment.

    To begin our afternoon tea experience, we were served two glasses of Duval Leroy Rose, which was wonderfully pink, with berry notes and a complex finish. It was the most welcomed start to our afternoon tea experience. Next up, we were served a delightful variety of savoury and sweet bites, artfully arranged on a three-tier cake stand.

    On the top tier we enjoyed a selection of finger sandwiches, which included cucumber with gouda cheese, smoked salmon trout with cream cheese and cured Mangalica ham with chive butter. The sandwiches were superb, with soft bread encasing the delicious fillings, with the Mangalica ham and chive butter being a personal favourite of ours.

    We will certainly be returning, and look forward to doing so; we were suitably impressed by both the offering and the service.

    For our tea choices, I decided on the Golden Assam while my partner chose their Classic English Tea. There was a great selection of teas on offer, and we thoroughly enjoyed reading through them all whilst making our choices and asking the opinion of our ever-helpful server.

    As we sipped our tea, we started to enjoy our layers of sweet treats from the remaining tiered stand, which included apple and curd strudel with vanilla sauce, sacher, dobos and Eszterhzy cubes. Each one was as impressive as the last, and we really enjoyed all the flavours as well as the wonderful presentation of each delicacy. They were expertly executed.

    We were thrilled with our afternoon tea at The Living Room and would highly recommend you try it whilst in Budapest, even if you dont happen to be staying at the Kempinski Hotel. We will certainly be returning, and look forward to doing so; we were suitably impressed by both the offering and the service.

    Photos courtesy of The Living Room
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