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Lygon Bar & Grill, Broadway

High St, Broadway WR12 7DU, UK
Lygon Bar & Grill Review
4 Star Rating
23 August 2018Lygon Bar and GrillTags: Broadway, UK, British reviewsThe Bill:

During our stay at The Lygon Arms in the Cotswolds, we decided to dine at their restaurant - the Lygon Bar & Grill, which has a very good reputation indeed. The restaurant itself echoes the beauty and charm throughout the entire hotel, which is perhaps even more elevated in the restaurant. The interior design is quite something, with its wood panelled walls and antler chandelier that wouldn’t look out of place in a bar in the French Alps. The colour palette features deep rusty reds and navy tones, which work well with the warmth of the wooden floors.

When we arrived at the restaurant, we were greeted warmly and shown to our table where we decided to begin the evening with an aperitif. My partner chose the Lemon and Basil Martini, which saw vodka mixed with lemon, basil and black pepper. I opted for the Grapefruit Americano, which consisted of sweet vermouth, Campari, grapefruit and soda. The cocktails were simply delicious and provided the perfect start to our evening.

To begin our culinary experience, I chose the chopped chicken and avocado salad to start, and my partner went for the octopus served with fennel and preserved lemon. These starters were bursting with freshness and flavour and really set the tone for what was to be an extremely high-quality dinner.

“We were well looked after from the moment we stepped foot inside this special restaurant, and we couldn’t fault our experience.”

For the main event, we decided to share the 19oz dry aged Chateaubriand, which was served with grilled tomatoes and mushrooms. We also added sides of buttered spinach, fine green beans and shallots, skin on fries and peppercorn sauce. The meat was absolutely stunning and cooked to perfection, and the sumptuous sides made for an indulgent dinner. We washed it down with a bottle of the 2016 Three Choirs, Ravens Hill, which is a delicious light and fruity English wine from Gloucestershire.

The Lygon Bar & Grill offers a celebration of British cuisine, which we were delighted to learn is locally sourced as well as being prepared to perfection. Our menu choices were tough but nothing short of impressive, and our server was welcoming and friendly throughout our time dining in the restaurant.

We were well looked after from the moment we stepped foot inside this special restaurant, and we couldn’t fault our experience. It comes highly recommended by us a fantastic foodie destination in the Cotswolds, and we certainly can’t wait to return.

Photos courtesy of Lygon Bar & Grill

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