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Spicers Sangoma Retreat, Bowen Mountain

70 Grandview Lane, Bowen Mountain NSW 2753, Australia
Spicers Sangoma Retreat Review
5 Star Rating
9 August 2015Spicers Sangoma RetreatTags: Bowen Mountain, Australia, Resort reviewsThe Bill: £320 per night

The Spicers Sangoma Resort is located in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales which is only about one hour from Sydney, Spicers Sangoma is a hidden retreat in the rain forest. So hidden in fact that you have to look twice to find the entrance as it's tucked away discreetly. After buzzing the electric gate, we drove up the long sweeping driveway.

We were greeted at reception and shown over to our luxury bush suite. Our luggage was taken and we were shown and welcomed to our suite. Our suite was very spacious, beautifully designed and completely open plan.

The first thing you notice are the incredible views over the surrounding Blue Mountains and the Sydney skyline in the distance. This can be enjoyed from the secluded terrace which comes complete with two sun loungers and table and chairs. If you've never sat out in the rain forest before, it's quite the experience. There are some unusual sounds and scents to take in, it's quite the culture shock from city life.

Spicers Sangoma Retreat Spicers Sangoma Retreat

Back inside we move into the bathroom area which has the most impressive raised Philippe Starck bath, which is plenty big enough for two people to enjoy. There was also a drench style shower and a wash basin with beautiful scented toiletries, bath salt, and bath caviar. The windows stretch from floor to ceiling around the bathroom and the rest of the suite. You won't find any blinds or curtains in these suites, just a warning to be brave when showering here.

"We cannot recommend Spicers Sangoma highly enough."

The purpose of these suites are to reconnect couples' love, and to experience each other in luxurious surroundings. The retreat is all inclusive for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All-inclusive sometimes holds a certain stigma, but I can honestly say that everything here is freshly prepared when ordered and tastes divine. It's worth pointing out that people with allergies are well catered for as the chef actually baked a fresh gluten free loaf for us during our visit. For lunch we had a super cheese board with Dates, Nuts, Pickled Beetroot, Brie, Cheddar and Goat's Cheese.

Spicers Sangoma Retreat Spicers Sangoma Retreat

All the food is beautifully prepared, and shows real attention to detail. We also sampled two Grilled Mushrooms with Feta Cheese, which was simply beautiful. This was paired with two glasses of local wine and made for a delicious light lunch. Our dining experience in the evening was equally as impressive. The retreat also has a small spa tent, which is a nice space and very relaxing. We highly recommend experiencing one of their massage treatments, and I can assure you, you will leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Perhaps combine this with a visit to the sauna or a dip in the pool after your treatment for the complete Sangoma experience.

Every member of staff was warm and welcoming, we cannot recommend Spicers Sangoma highly enough. The retreat is made up of several suites, so even when the retreat is full to capacity it's never too busy. They are always able to maintain a sense of calm, and it's truly wonderful.

Photos courtesy of Spicers Sangoma Retreat
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