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No. 1 Lounge Birmingham Airport

No. 1 Lounge Birmingham Airport Review

The No1 Airport lounge at Birmingham Airport is an enjoyable place to spend some time ahead of your flight. This is a lounge dedicated to helping you escape the hustle and bustle of the main airport terminal. The No1 Airport Lounge at Birmingham Airport is actually not the largest of lounges, but that being said, Birmingham Airport is not the largest of airports. And actually, its intimate space is actually very relaxing.

The benefits of being able to relax in an airport lounge are substantial. Not only are you able to step away from the crowds, you also get the benefit of being able to charge your laptop or phone ahead of your fight, catch up on some work emails, or simply enjoy the space with some peace and quiet to read. During our visit, we made the most of the lounge’s vast catalogue of newspapers and magazines and their free Wi-Fi.

“The benefits of being able to relax in an airport lounge are substantial.”

As well as relaxation, you can also take advantage of the lounge’s food and drink offering, which is available on a complimentary basis. The No1 Airport Lounge at Birmingham Airport offers a self-service buffet style food area, as well as made-to-order dishes from a menu included at no extra cost. They also have a bar in the lounge where you can indulge in an array of soft drinks as well as tea and coffee. They also have a selection of alcoholic drinks available including sparkling wines, bottled beers and premium spirits.

Another benefit of visiting this lounge is that it also entitles you to access the Express Lane through security if you book ahead of time. They will email you a voucher which will get you through airport security faster, allowing you to spend more time in the lounge and less time queuing, this is always a bonus for us.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at this airport lounge and would highly recommend it to anyone travelling through Birmingham Airport.

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