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The Grand Berlin

, Germany
The Grand Berlin Review
4 Star Rating
3 August 2017The Grand BerlinTags: Berlin, Germany, Fine Dining reviewsThe Bill: £79 per head

The Grand can be found located in the trendy area of Mitte in Berlin. The Grand is both a restaurant and bar, and if you’re looking for a hipster hot spot, then you’ve found it. This is where all the cool kids hang out.

On previous trips to Berlin, we have often walked past the entrance, which sees a small and unassuming front door at the front of a very large building. It has the distinct feel of a private member’s club. It’s only once you get beyond the door, however, that you realise the actual scale of this venue - it is a lot bigger than one would first imagine. The décor is somehow lavishly industrial and quite intriguing. This is not your typical bar and restaurant layout.

We began our evening with a drink in the bar, where we enjoyed a glass of their Veuve Clicquot Rosé. This provided a wonderful setting and start to our evening, before we moved through to their outdoor terrace for our dining experience. We were certainly excited to discover the menu, which we were presented by our friendly waitress.

“Our experience of The Grand truly was faultless.”

For my first course, I chose the ceviche of “Crusta Nova Prawn” served with a passion fruit, cucumber and papaya salad. This was a wonderfully fresh dish that was full of both delicate and bold flavours that worked perfectly in unison. My partner chose the foie gras, which came served both as a terrine as well as roasted, and was completed with apple jelly, Banyul cherries and brioche. This was a decadent and wonderful dish which was well presented and tasted divine.

For our main course, we chose to share the 500g chateaubriand from Germany. The meat was pre-carved in the kitchen, rather than tableside, it was wonderfully tender. We added the garlic and herb butter, as well as sides of tomato risotto served with Scamorza, chanterelles, radicchio and port wine froth, and finally as side of green beans and bacon.

To accompany our meal, we chose a bottle of the 2014, Château Haut-Pontet Saint-Émilion Grand Cru, which is a medium bodied wine with a nose of berries and wood. It was very smooth and went down very nicely with our menu choice.

We thoroughly enjoyed our meal in this wonderful setting, with fantastic service. Our experience of The Grand truly was faultless. It’s worth noting that during cooler months, there is a beautifully designed restaurant indoors, which looks like a fun placed to dine.

Photos courtesy of The Grand Berlin
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