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Sanctum On The Green, Berkshire

Old Cricket Common, Cookham, Berkshire, SL6 9NZ, UK
Sanctum On The Green Review
4 Star Rating
24 July 2013Sanctum On The Green
Tags: Berkshire, UK, Boutique reviewsThe Bill: £260 per night

Nestled deep in the English countryside is a small, chic hotel called Sanctum on the Green. In a village that could only be English, Cookham Dean plays host to a redesigned hotel that seeks to serve the Berkshire county with high class, relaxed accommodation and dining.

The exterior of the building continues the old world theme. The brick lower half and timber clad upper are reminiscent of how houses were built for the past 500 years. Itís only once you get closer and see the lighting, air conditioning vents and double glazing that you realise youíre still in the 21st century.

It looks more like somebodyís home than a hotel, which is quite relaxing. As the setting is in a residential area, this feeling is amplified nicely. Itís almost as if youíre staying round a friendís house for the night instead. It isnít a big building, with only nine rooms, which makes the atmosphere intimate.

The hotel itself has been here for years. It has recently had an update and a name change, which has wiped the slate clean. The owners have tried to give the place a boutique feel, with a traditional bias. One of those owners is Andy Taylor alleged to be the manager of Iron Maiden. The two worlds are being kept very much apart, as this place is anything but rock and roll.

"Sanctum on the Green is almost as if youíre staying round a friendís house for the night."

Sanctum on the Green is a hotel as well as restaurant and has a variety of rooms from crash pads, to doubles, suites to the Pool House. Each is a nice mix of modern and chic that is echoed throughout the building. It is set in private gardens, with an outdoor pool and sun terrace. There is also a hot tub by the pool too for when itís a little too cold to swim.

We entered the lobby and were immediately greeted by a smiling receptionist. We were quickly checked in and had our bags carried to our Deluxe room where we were spending the night.

The room was a spacious affair with plenty of room to walk around. The bed was large and comfortable with plenty of fluffy pillows and a lovely warm duvet. Even though we didnít need it, it was lovely to lie on.

The rest of the room was well appointed. The bathroom had a large large drench shower coming out of the ceiling. The room was light, airy and relaxed. They had a real feeling of home away from home.

Much effort has gone into the design and dťcor of the place. Everything is comprised of warm tones and luxurious fabrics. The comforter on the bed was lovely soft faux suede and made a great platform for relaxing.

The finish throughout this hotel was of a high quality. The towels and accoutrements in the bathroom were ideal, the pillows lovely, the carpets and curtains thick, and the dťcor nicely done.

Overall the Sanctum on the Green hotel is a nice place to spend a day or two. Itís near enough to the city to be able to get to easily, but far enough away that you can completely forget about it once there.

Photos courtesy of Sanctum On The Green

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