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Bluespoon Restaurant, Amsterdam

Prinsengracht 587, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Netherlands
Bluespoon Restaurant Review
5 Star Rating
4 June 2013Bluespoon Restaurant
Tags: Amsterdam, Netherlands, French reviewsThe Bill: £120 per head

Bluespoon is located inside the Andaz Hotel. Vibrant and stylish, the restaurant serves food from along the west coast and prides itself in providing fresh and high quality ingredients.

The restaurant is stylish with a rustic ambiance. Facing the garden, it draws in nature while injecting it into every dish. Although is has only been open a couple of months, it is thriving on its open plan design and honest approach to cooking, cemented by the lack of screen between the diners and chefs.

To begin our meal we enjoyed two dishes. The first, king crab and crispy lettuce served with avocado, tomato, basil and coriander. Light and fresh, the quality of the king crab was obvious and really enhanced the dish. It was also particularly in keeping with the restaurants passion for simple, local produce.

“Facing the garden, it draws in nature while injecting it into every dish.”

The second starter was a shrimp cocktail served with grapefruit and shredded lettuce. The shrimp were delicious and well accompanied by the grapefruit.

As a main course we shared the grilled chateaubriand. Usually an exciting dish to choose, we were disappointed to find that the large piece of beef was only cut in half and not carved in front of us as we had expected. It was almost as though we had just ordered two separate steaks. However, we were pleased with the taste of the beef and the sides of roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes, garden peas and fries.

Throughout our meal we also enjoyed two cocktails. The Clover Club, a Plymouth gin based cocktail with lemon juice, sugar syrup, raspberry and egg white, was very sweet, fruity and noticeably fresh. We also tried a White Russian, made with vodka, Kahlua and double cream, another very sweet cocktail but also very creamy and smooth.

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