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Blacklane Review

On a recent trip from Milan airport to the Bulgari Hotel we decided to try Blacklane to chauffeur us to our destination. Blacklane have a presence in over 200 cities worldwide, they provide chauffeur services with a fleet of luxury cars, and most importantly have an emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Unfortunately, our flight was delayed on this occasion, however we were relieved and pleased to see our driver waiting for us with a smile and not a complaint in sight. Our driver assisted us with our luggage and showed us to our immaculately presented Mercedes E-Class which was to be our carriage for the trip.

“They made getting from a-to-b effortless.”

When booking chauffeur services it’s always important to have a simple and reliable booking service, and Blacklane have this process down. When making reservation you have the option to select your desired vehicle from their fleet of luxury high-end models. You can choose from BMW 5 or 7 Series, Lincoln Town Cars, and various Mercedes options, or larger people carriers if you’re travelling in a large group.

Booking is made easy too, Blacklane have an app for the busy traveller on the move or to make convenient changes to your booking, or of course you can use their website. On the day of collection they send email and SMS updates to remind you of your booking time and reassure you they will be there waiting along with your driver details.

We felt the Mercedes E-Class was the perfect option for our business trip and were pleased with our choice. The seats provide all the comfort you need after a long fight, and the climate control means that whatever the temperature outside, it’s just right inside. Our driver was courteous for the entire journey, while respecting our privacy. The journey was flawless, the ride in the E-Class delivers is incredibly smooth and we arrived at the Bulgari Hotel rather swiftly.

We wouldn’t hesitate to use Blacklane again, they made getting from a-to-b effortless, and we don’t doubt they will never let us down.

Photos courtesy of Blacklane

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