The Seven Sins of Candice Brown - Baker, Cook, Author & Pub Owner
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    The Seven Sins of Candice Brown

    Baker, Cook, Author & Pub Owner
    Candice Brown
    Born in North London, Candice grew up in the pubs that her parents ran Ė and that she famously immortalised in gingerbread for her most talked about showstopper. Taught to bake by her beloved Nan, Candice strives to emulate her style, often referring back to her treasured recipe book and hand written notes. Candice loves everything vintage and her sense of style certainly captured Great British Bake Off viewersí attention.

    With a degree in Sport, Physical Education and Community Studies, Candice was a secondary school teacher when she applied for the show and managed to juggle planning her fabulous bakes and filming commitments with teaching lively teenagers.

    Candice is currently taking a break from teaching to explore new adventures in baking and cooking.
    Since her GBBO victory, she has been extremely busy with a diverse range of projects. She is a regular columnist for The Sunday Timesí writing in the magazine and The Dish, has baked on This Morning and Christmas Kitchen and has appeared as a panelist on Loose Women. She has worked with online financial service PayPal on a charity campaign, with big brands including Fanta, SKODA and Sainsburyís on PR activations, been featured in Hello and Ok! magazine and has become and an ambassador for Avon Cosmetics.

    Candiceís first book, Comfort (Ebury Press) was released in July 2017 and it is a labour of love. The recipes are easy to make and "no nonsense" for a variety of occasions, including baking with kids, birthday parties for all ages, Christmas, afternoon tea, quick savoury bakes for weeknights and "fancier" recipes for the weekend. Recipes include Toffee apple crumble, Cornflake tart, Triple layer berry cake, Christmas cake, a perfect roast chicken, black pudding sausage rolls, Tattie scones, Pork and apple pasties and homemade pork scratchings.

    Candice will be taking part in live baking and cooking demos across the UK this year at foodie festivals and shows. If you live outside of the UK make sure you keep an eye on her social media feeds for more details (links on profile).

    In December 2018, Candice and her brother Ben took on The Greenman Pub in Eversholt. After a full refurbishment and menu overhaul they opened to great reviews and excitement of the local community in February 2019. They have many exciting plans for the venue going forward and can't wait to share them with everyone.

    During her spare time, you can find Candice walking her beloved dogs Dennis, Albus and Sybil with her husband Liam, in the stands at Tottenham or the rugby with her dad or settling down to a great big Sunday roast with her family.
    Wrath - What makes you angry about the†hospitality†industry?
    Candice Brown Seven Sins
    The way some people still see the hospitality industry as a gap filling job, something you do whilst at school, or university rather than seeing it as the wide and varied progressive career that it can be. Also the unregulated and seemingly untouchable public forums for people to post negativity rather than discussing face to face and potentially damaging businesses and reputations and actually being very hurtful at times.
    Greed - If all your food fantasies came true what would be on your Plate?
    Candice Brown Seven Sins
    Oh my this is a good oneÖ.. donít judge me but Chicken nuggets!!!!! With a side of Linguine vongole, the thickest milkshake you can find and more dim sum than one person should humanly be able to consume, washed down with a large glass of Argentinian Malbec. (and a portion of curried goat to takeaway!!!!) See sooooo greedy.
    Sloth - What do you do to unwind?
    Candice Brown Seven Sins
    I have 3 dogs, so it really should be taking them for a lovely long walk but 2 are rescues and disabled and they are really quite naughty- so itís not the most relaxing!!! I do love to sit down and watch a good box set with my husband Liam. But really baking is my happy place, it calms me, reduces anxiety and reminds me I can do it.
    Pride - What are you most proud of?
    Candice Brown Seven Sins
    Winning the Great British Bake off is something I am beyond proud of, never ever did I think I would even get there let alone win it. Writing my first Book Comfort, all by myself is right up there along with writing for the Sunday Times, buying our pub The Greenman with my brother and the many opportunities I have had make me proud every single day- I know I am so lucky. Personally- walking down the aisle with my Dad to my now Husband Liam last year is something I canít put into words.
    Lust - Is there anything that you are still lusting to achieve?
    Candice Brown Seven Sins
    I donít think I lust after anything really but I have ambitions of course. I would love to start a family soon. It would be amazing to get my second book out there, I have so many ideas I want to share with everyone. The opportunity to do some more TV, as there is so much I want to investigate, question and try and I have so much to learn. But you know what if it doesnít happen I never had it in the first place so actually thats ok too!
    Candice Brown Seven Sins
    Iíd so love to say no but all I think about is FOOD! While eating breakfast Iím thinking about lunch and dinner so abso-bloody-lutely! A little bit of what you fancy is good for the soul- Everything in Moderation of course!
    Tell us about what you're up to at The Big Feastival?
    Candice Brown Seven Sins
    This is my second time at The Big Feastival and Iím honoured to have been asked back. It is such a fun event with something for everyone and the food choice is incredible!!! I will be demoing a couple of my recipes on stage, having a good old chat and answering questions. Talking and baking are my favourite things to do so itís dream for me! Iím sure Iíll be testing the food wares and also shaking my butt to the fab artists performing! Itís a great chance to catch up with some of the incredible people I have met the last couple of years and have been so welcoming to the industry.
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