The Seven Sins of Nick Deverell-Smith - Chef Patron, The Churchill Arms Paxford
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    The Seven Sins of Nick Deverell-Smith

    Chef Patron, The Churchill Arms Paxford
    Nick Deverell-Smith
    Born and raised in Warwickshire, Nick Deverell-Smith knew he wanted to enter the hospitality industry from a very early age. Little did he know then that he’d go on to open a hugely successful pub with rooms in the Cotswolds and make numerous appearances on top television shows including Great British Menu (representing the Central region of the UK) and Saturday Kitchen.

    At just fifteen he left school to study at Birmingham’s College of Food. In his second year there, he was crowned Junior Chef of the Year, which kick-started his successful career in the kitchen.

    This accolade led him to his first post at Simpsons, Kenilworth, where he worked under Andreas Antona. This meant he was now working in the same circles as the internationally revered Glynn Purnell, Marcus Eves and Andy Walters.
    While Nick was part of the brigade, Simpsons acquired their first Michelin Star, deeming them the only Michelin starred restaurant in the area.

    Nick then decided to move to another Warwickshire based establishment, Mallroy Court. It was here that Nick was awarded his big break. In 2006, Nick was chosen to be a Gordon Ramsay Scholar, which opened many doors for him professionally. This opportunity brought Nick to London, where he trained under Gordon Ramsay and Marcus Wareing.

    This life-changing experience got him recognised and he was offered a full-time position with Marco Pierre-White, also known as ‘the godfather of modern cooking.’ Nick decided to stay in London, working alongside the likes of Eric Chavot.

    An opportunity arose when Chavot asked him to work in France for a ski season as a Sous Chef – this was to secure him his place in the brigade at The Capital Hotel where he worked for three years. Nick became Head Chef of the restaurant at Soho House after this and went on to work in various kitchens belonging to this group, including the well-known and loved Dean Street Townhouse in London.

    With bags of experience in esteemed kitchens under his belt, Nick decided to bite the bullet and set up his first business somewhere close to his heart, The Cotswolds. In 2015 The Churchill Arms was born and has prospered ever since.
    Wrath - What makes you angry about the hospitality industry?
    Nick Deverell-Smith Seven Sins
    The thing that frustrates me the most is probably unregulated online reviewers... I had one person write a bad review about my pub because I don’t have sandwiches on the menu! You don’t go to MacDonald’s and demand a 10 ounce fillet steak with truffles...
    Greed - If all your food fantasies came true what would be on your Plate?
    Nick Deverell-Smith Seven Sins
    I can have all three right ;) Seafood linguine, veal Milanese, egg custard tart
    Sloth - What do you do to unwind?
    Nick Deverell-Smith Seven Sins
    Long country walks with my dog Rocco and binge watching a Netflix series.
    Pride - What are you most proud of?
    Nick Deverell-Smith Seven Sins
    I left school with no grades to speak of and with 15 years hard work and dedication working in some of the toughest kitchens along the way, I now own my own business.
    Lust - Is there anything that you are still lusting to achieve?
    Nick Deverell-Smith Seven Sins
    Plenty! I feel like I am just getting started...
    Envy - who are you most envious of?
    Nick Deverell-Smith Seven Sins
    There are plenty of chefs I look up to that keep me driven, but I focus on where I am at. As you get older and wiser you realise that family and business are what is really important. I don’t worry about much else.
    Gluttony - have you ever over indulged? 
    Nick Deverell-Smith Seven Sins
    Being a chef I think we all do! I am an all or nothing kind of guy.
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