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    5 Shocking Things to Know About Cruises

    28 July, 2020
    Things to Know About Cruises

    If there is one word that perhaps best sums up the $126 billion per year global cruising industry, it is 'excess'. Cruise ships are all about stretching the boundaries of what is possible when it comes to travel.

    They are floating cities that are self-sufficient, equipped with attractions, rides, spas, essential services, and luxury accommodation for thousands of people.

    They are designed to travel incredible distances, all while maintaining absolute luxury and relaxation for all on board.

    If you want to better understand what makes cruises so fascinating, read these five mind-blowing things to know about cruises.

    1. Most Cruise Ships Have a Celebrity Godmother

    When going on a cruise, you might not think much about naval traditions. However, the crew of a cruise ship is just as sound by such traditions as any other part of the merchant navy.

    One quirky cruising fact that a lot of people don't know is that nearly all cruise ships are 'Christened' before the first voyage and are given a celebrity godmother.

    For example, the godmother of the Royal Princess is, of course, Princess Kate. Sophia Loren is the godmother of the MSC Divina. The list goes on.

    2. The Amount of Food Consumed on a Cruise Ship Is Insane

    If you're wondering what to expect on a cruise, the first thing to note is that you will likely encounter staggering success. This is perhaps best illustrated by noting the average amount of food consumed on a cruise journey today. In a single day, a cruise ship will go through:

    • 8,260 cups of coffee
    • 5000 eggs
    • 2000 steaks
    • 1000 baked potatoes
    • 1,150 pounds of bananas

    When you take into account that some cruises go on for several months at a stretch, that is a lot of bananas.

    3. Companies Spend a Lot of Money on Cruising

    The main answer to the question "how do cruises work?" is simply, "a lot of money". Several of the largest cruise ships on the seas today cost well over $1 billion to build.

    The average daily cost to run a cruise ship has been calculated at $125,000. What's more, the infrastructure needed for cruise ships to operate is incredibly costly.

    For example, the Port Canaveral cruise terminal, one of the busiest in America, has cost over $237 million to build and develop so far.

    If you're choosing this port for your next vacation, feel free to share that little factoid with your fellow travelers.

    4. Cruise Ships Never Have the 13th Floor

    When thinking about what to know about cruises, it's worth remembering that certain superstitions have never faded away with time.

    This is exemplified by the fact that you will never find a cruise ship that has the 13th floor.

    Similarly, you will never find a cruise cabin with the number '13' or '1313' on the door. As has been the case throughout human history, sailors prefer to avoid any bad omens.

    5. The Titanic Would Be Tiny By Today's Standards

    One of the main things that people remember about the ill-fated Titanic cruise liner is that it was billed as the largest ship in history at the time.

    However, more than 100 years later, the Titanic's 269m length looks positively puny. The Oasis of the Seas, at 1,100 feet long, is five times larger than the Titanic.

    There is even a mile-long cruise ship that is currently under construction. Expect bigger and better cruise ships in the coming years.

    More Things to Know About Cruises

    Now that you know the main things to know about cruises, it's time to plan your trip. In our Critics' Choice section, you will find the hottest industry tips about the hotels, experiences, and restaurants you should be booking for your next cruise.

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