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Visiting the Louvre: 7 Tips for First-Timers

24 November, 2019
visiting the louvre

Visiting Paris soon? If so, you have to make a stop at the Louvre. The world's most famous art museum, the Louvre houses some of the most important artistic works of all-time.

Interested? Need some help optimizing your experience? Then read on because we're going to provide you with 7 tips for visiting the Louvre.

1. Buy Tickets Ahead of Time

While you certainly have the option to buy tickets to the Louvre at the Louvre itself, you can bet that you'll be waiting in a long line. For this reason, you're instead advised to buy tickets ahead of time.

There are several sites at which you can buy tickets, including the Louvre's own website, Note, however, that if you buy online, you'll have to pay 17 euros instead of 15. That said, the reduced waiting time is worth it.

You also have the option to sign up for a tour group. There are Louvre tours offered by a number of businesses, all of which can keep you from waiting in the ticket line.

2. Get the Timing Right

As you might expect, the Louvre can get pretty crowded. It is, after all, the most famous art museum in the world. For this reason, it's important that you choose the right time to see it.

The Louvre's busiest time of year is summertime. From June through September, it's jam-packed with tourists, both day and night. If you do go during the summer season, you're advised to try and make it in on a weekday morning or afternoon.

Ideally, you'll go outside of summertime. The crowds are much smaller, making it much easier to enjoy the exhibits. In any case, you should make note that the Louvre is never open on Tuesdays.

3. Save Money By Going on a Free Day

You might be pleased to hear that the Louvre has free admission days. If you're looking to save money, these are the days you should target.

When are these days, you ask? Bastille Day, the days on which the White Night Festival are held, the first Sunday of each month.

There are some age-related free days as well. If you're under 18, you can always enter for free; If you're an EU citizen who's under the age of 26, you can always enter for free as well; Under-26ers from other parts of the world can enter for free on Friday nights.

Make note, though, that free days are some of the Louvre's busiest days. As such, they might not allow you the full Louvre experience.

4. Make a Plan

The Louvre is the world's biggest art museum. You could spend all day there and still not see everything it contains. This is why, before you step into the door, you need to have established a plan.

Maybe you want to see the works of Da Vinci? Maybe you want to relegate your experience to one geographical portion of the museum? Whatever the case may be, you need to plan.

You can establish a plan by getting onto the Louvre's website. It contains a wealth of information about various exhibits, allowing you to piece together a schedule that's tailored to your preferences.

Of course, there's also the option to join a guided tour. There are all types of tour groups available, each of which offers a slightly different experience.

5. Pack Strategically

While touring the Louvre is nothing like running a marathon, it can still put quite a bit of wear and tear on your body. This is particularly true if you try to see the whole museum in one day. For this reason, you need to prepare by packing strategically.

First of all, make sure that you have food and water handy. A small snack and a water bottle should suffice, but only you know your exact needs. While there are restaurants and cafes available to visitors, they could very well slow down your progress (not to mention, they can be expensive).

It's also important to know that the building can get warm. To maintain comfortable body temperature, you're advised to dress in layers. And have a big on-hand to hold any clothes that you might take off.

6. Try the Lesser-known Entrance

There are two entrances to the Louvre. The main entrance sits next to a glass pyramid in the building's courtyard. Unfortunately, it's often very crowded.

This is why you're advised to find the other entrance instead. Located in the Carrousel du Louvre, it sits next to an upside-down glass pyramid. Lines at this entrance are typically much shorter, regardless of whether or not you still have to buy tickets.

7. Sign Up for a Tour

As we mentioned twice above, when going to the Louvre, it's a good idea to sign up for a tour. There are thousands of art pieces in the museum. If you go in without an educated tour guide, you're almost undoubtedly going to face overload.

A tour guide will not only keep your attention directed to the proper exhibits, but he or she will also teach you a lot about what you're seeing. This will make for a much more fulfilling experience.

It shouldn't be hard to find a tour for the Louvre. They're offered all over the internet and are available at a range of different prices. The key is to find one which focuses in on your interests.

Visiting the Louvre Is a Must

When it comes to Paris, visiting the Louvre is a must. The Louvre is up there with the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe as the most renowned spectacles in the city. It's a major part of the city's identity and must be recognized.

Looking for other sightseeing information? You can find it here on our website. Take a look at our other articles now!

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