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How Technology is Transforming the Travel Industry

25 September, 2019

With the recent news of the Thomas Cook collapse, it’s inevitable that the travel industry as a whole will be considering what went wrong. And the simple fact is that the industry developed, but Thomas Cook did not. To learn from this, we must then consider the technological advances affecting the industry. And then how we can implement them fully as a whole in order to ensure more collapses such as this, leaving hundreds of thousands of people stranded, does not continue to happen. 

Price Comparison 

One thing that has changed the face of the travel agency is the ability to compare prices. No longer are travellers restricted to the prices taped to a board in the three of four travel agencies in town, all of which are little different from one another. Instead, going on any number of price comparison websites serves up hundreds of choices immediately. 

Companies like Thomas Cook, who invest heavily in high street shops, but fail to consider the online avenue, will continue to see losses. As developing with the times is a vital necessity. 


The Internet of Things is a technology trend which is affecting a lot of industries in big ways, which includes the travel industry. This, in simple terms, is the connectivity between devices via the internet. For example, you can have your fridge, fire alarm, coffee maker and even your whole light system controlled by your phone. It makes for more connectivity than ever before. 

But, how does this affect the travel industry? Hotels around the world are now investing in some of this same technology, providing hotel rooms that can be fully controlled by those staying in them via their phones. And even luggage can now be tracked, allowing the person to know exactly where and when they will receive it instead of waiting on the end of a conveyor line in despair. 

And this is only the beginning, realistically there will be plenty of new and innovative ways for the IoT to affect travel. This is certainly a ‘watch this space’ category. 

App Development

One of the most interesting ways that technology could, in the future, affect the way the travel industry works is Virtual and Augmented Reality apps. App developers across the world are developing experiences which require you to be out and about in the world. A good example is Pokemon GO! An app which many were obsessed with (and still are) that relies on the user being active in order to succeed. There were even different Pokemon depending on what country you were in! 

These exploration apps could very well prompt a new wave of travellers. Not only because they may have seen a place in VR and want to experience it in real life, but because some of this technology requires them to travel in order to fully succeed. 


Robot flight attendants may still be a far-off idea worthy of a sci-fi novel, but robotics in general in the travel industry is not. In airport security, we now regularly see robots who can check for concealed weapons and other illegal substances. Pre-screening, in general, is being passed over to our more robotic counterparts, making the whole experience of travel that much quicker and easier to achieve at a desirable pace. 

Final Thoughts

The travel industry is changing. It is being affected by the different ways we live our lives and the technology which is helping us to do so. Understanding and adapting to these technological changes, then, is vital in order to see continued success in the industry as a whole. 

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