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CanO Water

19 September, 2019

We were recently introduced to a company with an ethos that touched home with us. CanO Water is a provider of refreshing natural and sparkling spring waters, with a goal to reduce the damaging impact plastic bottles have on our environment. They’re doing their part by using 100% recyclable materials in their cans and delivering on a refreshing drink.

Currently, approximately 8 million tonnes of plastic ends up in our oceans every year doing untold damage to marine life and the environment. A lot of that plastic comes from used water bottles. Like a lot of environmental issues, it’s something that plastic bottle manufacturers are aware of, but it’s going to take a special effort and a stand from drinks manufacturers to do something about.

The founders of CanO Water fit this bill and are willing to make a stand. They saw the damage discarded plastic bottles was doing to the ocean in person while on a trip to a remote island. It affected them in such a way that when they returned home, they started CanO Water and have been growing the company and awareness for these issues ever since.

While educating the offenders is part of the solution, CanO Water are doing their part by only using recyclable materials for their products. They use an "infinitely recyclable” alternative to plastic. This means the materials used to make their cans can be chemically recycled and reused, in principle, an infinite number of times. This isn't the only benefit their cans offer, they also stay cool longer than plastic bottles, and come with the option for a resealable ring pull.

"We love CanO Water’s mission to be one of the most environmentally responsible water distributors in the UK.”

The sleek design of their cans is impressive too. Available in 330ml and 500ml, the natural spring water is a crisp white can with black text, and their sparkling water is a black can with white text. It’s a tall, lightweight can, easy to identify on the shelf and their branding does a great job of getting their message across.

We have to say, there was a definite crisp, refreshing taste to their spring water. This is because they source only the finest spring water from the Austrian Alps and seal it at the source. The Alps is one of the most desirable areas to source drinking water, as water from this area has a naturally high pH and is rich in minerals. The taste and impact this has on the body can’t be replicated with water from anywhere else.

We love CanO Water’s mission to be one of the most environmentally responsible water distributors in the UK. It’s a mission we’re happy to carry on supporting whenever we see their products on the shelves and we’re in need of hydration. The fact that their water is incredibly refreshing and delicious makes that decision an easy one.

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