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Holiday Inspiration: 5 Luxury Destinations You Should Explore This Autumn

17 September, 2019

Autumn is fast approaching and we all know what that means: a crisp chill in the air, rainy days and darker evenings. Many of us struggle with the fast change from summer to autumn and find that this affects our mood, leaving many of us pining for a sun-filled getaway or a relaxing retreat. Autumn is the perfect time to travel as prices are usually a bit cheaper, the weather isn’t as extreme as it is during the summer or winter months and it gives you a chance to get away from it all and fit in a bit of luxury before the mad Christmas rush starts. 

So, if you’re thinking of an autumn escape, here is a luxury travel guide to some of the best destinations on offer this time of year.

Jaipur, India

This may be a little further afield than you were thinking, but October is the end of India’s monsoon season, so is the perfect time of year to visit. The weather is the perfect balance between not too hot and not too cold. Jaipur, in Western India, is a great place to explore the very best of what India has to offer, from elephant sanctuaries, stunning palaces and incredible shopping malls. There are many five-star resorts and hotels in the city at affordable prices during this time of year, so be sure to shop around for the best deal and find the hotel which has everything you want. 

Utrecht, Netherlands

If you want an escape which encapsulates everything that autumn has to offer, then Utrecht in the Netherlands should be top of your list. In the autumn, there are many dazzling shades of orange, red and yellow to be found along the banks of the canals. The canals in Utrecht date back to the 12th century and are one of a kind, found only in this beautiful city. This is the ideal location for a relaxed trip, with cosy bars, cafes and shops to be explored, but the best way to see the city is by boat. Rentals are easy to find, so be sure to rent a boat and gently float along the colourful canals. 

Seville, Spain

Many of us long for sunshine during the autumn and winter months and Seville in Spain is one of the most popular locations for those looking for a little break at the end of the year. With temperatures often reaching 40ş, the best way to spend your time in Seville is at the nearby beaches. With the sweet smell of orange blossom lining the streets, well-shaded squares filled with chilled beer and delicious tapas and long, balmy evenings, there’s no better place to get some rest and relaxation than in Seville. 

If you’re looking for luxury, then there are plenty of opulent and stunning hotels to choose from, especially if you want nothing more than to sit by the pool with a cold drink in hand. In a city filled with grand buildings, finding a luxury hotel in Seville is easy! 

Tuscany, Italy

Autumn in Italy is taken very seriously. The harvest season is hugely important and in Tuscany, which is home to many vineyards, farms and fields, it is celebrated even more so. Sagre (harvest festivals) celebrate everything, from truffles and chestnut mushrooms to pumpkins and polenta. September and October are the best months to visit Tuscany, especially if you are wanting to do a road trip. It is a region which is at the heart of Italian gastronomy, but the temperatures are often much milder during this time of the year and the landscape is filled with vibrant colours. Why not enjoy a luxurious stay at a vineyard, or head into the hills and find a beautifully secluded getaway? 

Reykjavik, Iceland

Autumn in Iceland marks the descent from fresh summer days to snow-filled winter and you will find that Iceland at this time of year is full of fresh air and the freedom to explore. With lower prices and less tourists, autumn is the perfect time of year to get out and see what Iceland has to offer. Whether you want to pick wild berries, go seal spotting along the black sand beaches or just warm up in a natural hot spring, Iceland is great for finding and exploring both the country and yourself. If you stay in Reykjavik, then be sure to make the most of the cities luxurious offerings. 

There are many stunning hotels in the centre and all with a touch of Icelandic elegance and style. Many have on-site hot baths, spas and traditional restaurants where you can get Icelandic cuisines and dishes. Iceland has many fish-based dishes, including Hákarl (fermented shark), Harđfiskur (dried fish jerky) and Plokkfiskur (fish stew), so you’re sure to be getting plenty of high strength fish oil during your stay!

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