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L'Orangerie, Marrakech

Rue Haroun Errachid, Marrakech 40000, Morocco
L'Orangerie Review
5 Star Rating
13 December 2012L'Orangerie
Tags: Marrakech, Morocco, Moroccan reviewsThe Bill: £65 per head

Found within the busy streets of Marrakech, the Sofitel Lounge and Spa hotel is a beautiful palace building situated close to the Red City. With a mix of French and Moroccan design, the hotel combines two strong cultural influences to create a stylish but traditional addition to these ancient streets.

Within this Moroccan palace a restaurant is hidden, with a modern blend of French cuisine with Moroccan gastronomy. L’Orangerie boasts mountain views and terraces overlooking the city, both of which complement the beautiful food that is delivered from the talented chefs. The restaurant offers choices from a French or Moroccan menu, giving guests the opportunity to try cuisines from different countries in one sitting.

“Both dishes were presented beautifully and showed off the flair of the Moroccan chef.”

Already pleased with the exceptional service, my partner and I were delighted when our starters arrived. We had chosen from the Moroccan menu, trying delicious Harira lentil soup with chickpeas and dates, as well as Chicken pastille, which combined chicken crumbled wafer with cinnamon. Both dishes were presented beautifully and showed off the flair of the Moroccan chef.

My main course was Ghanni Tagine, a lamb tagine with cinnamon, nutmeg, prune and roasted almonds. The nutty flavour combined beautifully with the tender chicken and the cinnamon added another dimension without over powering. My partner enjoyed the seven vegetable couscous which included turnip, carrot and pumpkin. All flavours were balanced and the dish was very light.

During our meal we sampled some delicious cocktails including a Chocolate Martini and the Strawberry Martini. The staff were exceptional throughout and were very attentive.

Photos courtesy of L'Orangerie
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