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    Goldie's, Los Angeles

    8422 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90048, USA
    Goldie's Review
    4 Star Rating
    8 September 2015Goldie's
    Tags: Los Angeles, USA, Casual reviewsThe Bill: 62 per head

    Goldies is located on 3rd Street in Los Angeles. With a wealth of restaurants to choose from on 3rd Street, Goldies more than holds its own as a unique, interesting, and enjoyable place to spend an evening. Their outdoor terrace is a nice place to sit and people watch as you enjoy your dinner. The style of this venue is casual, the food is far from causal howver, its divine. They have the freshest produce, an interesting menu, and a wide array of mouth pleasing flavours to sample.

    Opening up the evening with pre-dinner cocktails we sampled 'The Young One', mixed with a Vodka base, fresh Raspberries, Berries, Lemon and sparkling spritz. A fresh, punchy drink that is a must try if you're stopping by. We also sampled 'Beyond the Fringe', a smooth cocktail blended with Scotch, Spiced Maple Syrup, Lemon, and Egg White Meringue. This is a step towards the more spicy side, and one that we enjoyed.

    To begin we ordered Haloumi and Olives with Lemon, Herbs and Parsley Oil. A lovely dish, the haloumi was super. We also sampled their Burrata with Sala Verde and Grilled Watermelon, I have to say that this dish was sensational, we really enjoyed this dish. Finally we sampled a Tomato Salad with Avocado, mixed Tomatoes, Sumac and Sesame dish. These starters were most enjoyable and set us up with anticipation for the main courses.

    "Our experience was outstanding from start to finish."

    For our main courses we ordered Branzino with Farro, Wild Mushrooms and Dandelion. This dish was perfectly prepared, the mushroom and dandelion flavours were the perfect marriage, I can't think of any way this dish could be better. My partner ordered the Hanger Steak with Spinach, braised Shallots and Radish. Another dish with interesting flavours that we wouldn't hesitate to recommend. We added sides of Brussel Sprouts with Lime, Soy and Radish, as well as Fries with Truffle Aloli.

    To round off our dishes we chose a superb wine in the form of Camp Sonoma County, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2014. A complex wine that complimented the interesting flavours of each dish. Our experience was outstanding from start to finish, and we don't doubt you'll experience the same.

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