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Novikov, London

50A Berkeley Street, Mayfair, London, W1J 8HA, UK
Novikov Review
5 Star Rating
27 September 2017NovikovTags: London, UK, Sushi reviewsThe Bill: £76 per head

Novikov can be found located in London’s Mayfair. It is a large restaurant which is split over two levels, with the lower level offering Italian fare, and the upper level taking on Asian cuisine. During our recent visit we experienced the Asian restaurant, which is certainly a sight for sore eyes. The restaurant itself is fronted by an amazing display of fresh seafood and vegetables, resembling that of an Asian street food market. The atmosphere was bustling and full of life and we were most intrigued as to what was in store. This restaurant has been here for a number of years now, and it’s a huge credit to them that even to this day the restaurant has retained its appeal, and there were no empty tables in sight.

When we arrived we were greeted warmly and shown to our table where we were presented our menus. We decided to opt for a couple of pre-dinner cocktails to begin the evening, accompanied by some edamame. I chose the Natsu Whih, which saw Japanese Summer Beefeater 24 gin mixed with watermelon, raspberry, pomegranate molasses and a selection of aromatic leaves. This cocktail fruity and wonderfully punchy. My partner chose the Thrill and Chill, which was a blend of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, pine and cashew nuts, dushi flowers, hawthorn berries and yuzu. This cocktail was served with raspberries and dushi in a zesty foam. Both cocktails were beautifully presented and started our evening wonderfully.

“The restaurant itself is fronted by an amazing display of fresh seafood and vegetables, resembling that of an Asian street food market.”

To begin our culinary experience, we selected some beautifully presented sushi. We decided on the Kamchatka wild king crab California rolls and the spicy tuna roll, which were both served as six cut rolls. The sushi rolls were wonderfully fresh and packed with flavour. Being huge sushi fans, we’re often highly critical, but I am pleased to say that this sushi did not disappoint.

Up next, we decided to share their half roast duck, which is carved and served on a bamboo leaf. We also added a side of egg fried rice as well as grilled asparagus with sweet soy and sesame. The duck was perfectly cooked and looked absolutely beautiful against the bamboo leaf. The sides were exceptionally tasty and complimented the duck wonderfully.

We chose to enjoy a bottle of the 2014, Chianti Classico, Rocca di Montegrossi, which offered fruity aromas of forest berry fruit and sour cherries, which was a fantastic accompaniment and worked particularly well with the duck.

For dessert, my partner opted for the green tea brûlée, served with berries and guava sorbet. I chose the coconut and mango mocha and I must say, both desserts were simply delicious and made for a wonderful end to our evening.

Overall we were very impressed with our experience at Novikov and would certainly recommend it to anyone who enjoys Asian cuisine. We’re already looking forward to returning.

Photos courtesy of Novikov
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