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    Mr Fogg's Residence, London

    15 Bruton Ln, Mayfair, London W1J 6JD, UK
    Mr Fogg's Residence Review
    5 Star Rating
    19 January 2019Mr Fogg's Residence
    Tags: London, UK, Cocktail Bar reviewsThe Bill: £48 per head

    Mr Fogg’s Residence is an intriguing bar that can be found in Mayfair, in the heart of London’s action. My Fogg’s Residence is a part of the Inception Group, which has opened a number of themed bars that have become remarkably popular - and we can see why. The interiors do make you feel as though you’re in the home of an elderly relative, complete with a collection of interesting antiques from around the world.

    The global theme is continued in the cocktail list, which is certainly quirky and exotic, and we couldn’t wait to get stuck in. The cocktail menu itself is vast, but is also a joy to read, as each cocktail has its own backstory that makes them even more special.

    First up, I chose the Saved from Sacrifice, which according to the menu is from Valley of the Ganges, India. This cocktail consists of a blend of Bombay Sapphire gin, Grand Marnier orange liqueur, homemade clementine and vanilla syrup, calamansi juice, peach bitters, egg white and homemade lemongrass soda. You’ll have to visit Mr Fogg’s Residence yourself to read the entire story behind this cocktail, but as a spoiler, it begins with the funeral procession of Bundelkhandi Rajah.

    Next up, I chose the Jungle Flora from Singapore. This cocktail saw a mix of chamomile-infused Russian Standard Platinum vodka, ginger liqueur, Chartreuse Green herbal liqueur, fresh lime juice, egg white, homemade sugar syrup and citrus foam. This was a gorgeous cocktail with lots of conflicting yet complementary flavours, that gives a nod to the fauna and flora of this cocktail’s back story.

    “The cocktail menu itself is vast, but is also a joy to read, as each cocktail has its own backstory that makes them even more special.”

    For my final choice, I went for a classic Negroni which saw a mix of Elephant Gin, Campari and Sweet Vermouth complete with fresh orange peel on ice. This classic is a real crowd pleaser, it was expertly crafted.

    First up for my partner was the Ripe Fruits of the Port, from Brindisi, Italy. This cocktail consisted of Don Julio 1942 tequila, homemade salted grapefruit cordial, Italicus berganot liqueur, Martini Riserva Speciale Bitter aperitif and fresh lime juice.

    Next up was The Illusionist; which saw a mix of Smokey Monkey Scotch whisky, Woodford Reserve Bourbon whiskey, Cocchi Barolo Chinato vermouth, cinnamon syrup and smoked with cinnamon & cloves. And finally, The Emperor's Honey Moon, which consisted of Bruichladdich The Classic Laddie Scotch whisky, Ardbeg 10yr Scotch whisky, House of Broughtin ginger syrup, honey, fresh lemon juice, egg white and smoke on the whisky barrel staves.

    Each one of these exquisite cocktails simply blew us away, and we were very impressed with our evening at Mr Fogg’s Residence. It comes highly recommended by us as a great bar at which to try some special cocktails. We will certainly be returning.

    Photos courtesy of Mr Fogg's Residence
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