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    Stobart Air, Southend to Dublin Review

    Stobart Air, Southend to Dublin Review

    On a recent flight from Southend Airport to Dublin we decided to fly with Stobart Air. Having not flown with Stobart Air previously, we were pleased to learn that they have partnered with Flybe to use Flybe planes for six of their European flights from Southend Airport – our flight to Dublin being one of them. We have flown with Flybe in the past and had positive memories of those flights, so were pleased to learn of the partnership.

    Southend Airport itself is refreshingly small and intimate. What we particularly enjoy about small airports is how easy they are to navigate and move through; that being said, the downside is the amount of people travelling through a small space. Fortunately, Southend Airport offers a small lounge for those, like us, who look to escape the hustle and bustle of the main terminal. The lounge is small, but it does offer a selection of coffee and light bites, and most importantly, a space in which to relax and sit quietly before your flight, for the reasonable fee of £20 per person.

    Once it was announced that our flight was boarding, we made our way to our gate to board the flight. The staff who took our boarding passes and passports were friendly and helpful and the entire process took no longer than a few minutes, with no large queue to contend with. We were welcomed onto the plane by the smiling flight attendants before settling into our seats.

    “We were very impressed with the Stobart Air service.”

    One of our favourite things about the Flybe planes is that their seats come in rows of two. This offers a more private experience should you be travelling with a plus one, or in even numbers, and it’s nice not to have to sit next to a stranger. There’s also plenty of room on these smaller aircrafts for a short flight, without too much discomfort.

    The flight attendants continued to be a credit to Stobart Air throughout our flight and were always on hand to aid passengers looking to get into their overhead luggage, or to offer drinks and snacks to those looking to replenish whilst on board. We were impressed with the service in general. Before we knew it, the pilot was announcing that we were about to begin our descent and we landed safely in Dublin with the sun shining down to greet us.

    We would have no hesitation in recommending Stobart Air to anyone looking to fly to Dublin from Southend Airport. The entire journey was so easy, and would make even the most nervous of flyers feel more relaxed.

    Photos courtesy of Stobart Air, Southend to Dublin

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