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    Albert's Schloss, Birmingham Review

    One Chamberlain Sq, Birmingham B3 3AX, UK
    Albert's Schloss, Birmingham Review
    5 Star Rating
    Tags: Birmingham, UK, Modern European reviewsThe Bill: £64 per head

    Albert's Schloss in Birmingham, is described as a castle of indulgence where you can escape the mundane and embrace the ethos of truth, beauty, freedom, and love. This establishment pays homage to Prince Albert's legacy by offering a haven from the modern world, inviting patrons to explore the wonders of its Schloss. Drawing inspiration from their travels across Alpine Europe, the experience promises roaring fires, lively performances, an extensive selection of Europe's finest bier, and a delightful selection of cocktails and wines.

    Our journey into the world of Albert's Schloss began with a classic Negroni. Comprising Tanqueray gin, Campari, and vermouth, this Negroni was a testament to the timeless appeal of this iconic cocktail. The blend of the gin's botanicals, Campari's bittersweet profile, and the vermouth's herbal notes was a harmonious symphony that set the tone for our afternoon.

    Continuing our exploration of the cocktail menu, I ventured towards the Grey Goose Bloody Mary. A rich and flavourful concoction, this classic cocktail featured Grey Goose vodka, tomato juice, and a medley of spices. The savoury blend of ingredients was both invigorating and satisfying, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate a well-balanced and zesty cocktail.

    "Whether you're in search of a romantic night out or a lively gathering with friends, Albert's Schloss is the perfect place to escape the ordinary and embrace a night of wünder in the heart of Birmingham."

    My partner's second choice was the Clover Club, a refined cocktail with a character of its own. Combining gin, raspberry liqueur, and a hint of lemon, the Clover Club exuded elegance with its vibrant hue and fruity aroma.

    For the next round, I decided to go with the Spicy Margarita. This fiery delight featured the traditional elements of a Margarita, including tequila, lime juice, and triple sec but with an added kick of heat. The infusion of spicy elements provided a tantalising twist to this classic cocktail, delivering a delightful balance of flavours that left a lasting impression.

    Meanwhile, my partner selected the Spicy Paloma, a cocktail that celebrated the bold flavours of grapefruit and tequila. The tangy notes of grapefruit were accentuated by a hint of spice, making this drink a spirited choice that danced on the palate. It was the perfect option for those seeking a fusion of citrus and spice in their cocktails.

    In addition to their impressive drinks menu, Albert's Schloss offers a diverse range of delectable dishes. Our first selection was the Caesar salad, a classic rendition featuring tender chicken breast, crisp baby gem lettuce, capers, anchovies, Parmesan cheese, and a drizzling of Caesar dressing. The combination of flavours and textures in this salad was nothing short of exceptional, offering a satisfying start to our dining experience.

    We also indulged in the Paprikash Chicken Frites. This dish featured half a roast paprika chicken, infused with smoky paprika, and served with a luscious sour cream sauce. The accompaniment of golden fries provided a delightful crunch, while the smoky paprika added a depth of flavour that was nothing short of sublime. It was a hearty and flavourful dish that perfectly complemented our cocktails.

    Albert's Schloss in Birmingham provides an Alpine experience that is unparalleled in the heart of the city. The venue boasts an array of live performances throughout the week, ensuring there's always something exciting happening. The commitment to offering a blend of gastronomic delights, tantalising cocktails, and live entertainment makes it a must-visit destination for those seeking an unforgettable night out in Birmingham.

    Albert's Schloss captures the essence of Prince Albert's values and presents them in a modern, lively, and captivating setting. The delightful selection of cocktails, each with its unique personality, and the sumptuous food offerings reflect the commitment to quality and indulgence. Whether you're in search of a romantic night out or a lively gathering with friends, Albert's Schloss is the perfect place to escape the ordinary and embrace a night of wünder in the heart of Birmingham.

    Photos courtesy of Albert's Schloss, Birmingham
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