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    Blacklane, Beijing Review

    Blacklane, Beijing Review

    On a recent journey from Beijing Capital Airport to the Rosewood Hotel, located in central Beijing, we decided to enlist the chauffeuring services of Blacklane. Having used Blacklane on many other occasions in many different countries, we knew we were in for a good experience and were able to relax in the knowledge that our airport transfer would be a complete breeze.

    Sure enough, when we arrived in arrivals at the airport, our driver was there waiting for us with the prompt service we have come to love from Blacklane. On this occasion, we were travelling in a Mercedes E-class which was parked conveniently outside. Our driver relieved us of our luggage and we sunk into the comfortable car as our journey began.

    As mentioned, we have used Blacklane numerous times now around the world in various countries and cities. We cannot speak highly enough of their consistently professional service. As wonderful as travelling the world is, the travelling aspect itself can often be tiring and stressful, and Blacklane have always made our airport journeys a hassle-free experience each and every time.

    “We cannot speak highly enough of their consistently professional service.”

    Blacklane offer a range of cars from their fleet which you can choose online ahead of time. This means that no matter what number of people you happen to be travelling with, Blacklane will ensure you are all transported in style. They also send helpful text updates and keep an eye on the arrivals, so you need not worry about constantly updating them. They always seem to be one step ahead of us, and we appreciate their frequent communications and touch points that help to put our minds at ease.

    On this occasion, we were once again highly impressed with the service of our driver and the overall Blacklane experience. We also decided to book our return journey with Blacklane, and relaxed in the knowledge that we would make a safe and timely arrival at the airport for our return journey. We were pleased that once again, this was the case.

    We cannot fault Blacklane, and for that reason, they come very highly recommended by us for both business and leisure travel, should you wish to arrive somewhere in style. We will certainly be using them again.

    Photos courtesy of Blacklane, Beijing
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