The Seven Sins of Anna Tobias - Chef, currently considering my next move...
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The Seven Sins of Anna Tobias

Chef, currently considering my next move...
Anna Tobias
I started my cooking career under the tutelage of Jeremy Lee (now of Quo Vadis) at the Blueprint Café, which is situated above the Design Museum. The next step was a move to the Michelin-starred River Café where I worked and gained invaluable experience for three years.

From here it was to Rochelle Canteen where I was promoted to head chef after the first year and was there for almost four years. I ran both the restaurant and also the catering business Arnold & Henderson, which was also hired in 2014 to run the VIP room for Frieze Art Fair.

In the last year or so I have had increased media coverage, reaching the final of the Young British Foodies chef category and was also nominated for Best Newcomer in the London Restaurant Awards. Rochelle Canteen was reviewed by Marina O’Loughlin last summer in the Guardian and received an overall score of 26/30, which was an incredibly proud moment for us all and we also featured in Condé Nast’s world’s best restaurants list this year.

Earlier this year I featured in the OFM’s top 50 of 2017. The food I love to cook is very ingredient driven and simple.
I consider myself a classic cook, and I believe my food encourages people to appreciate the qualities of classic cooking. A lightness of touch and respect for produce is something that I always try to bring to my food.

Following the success of last year’s female guest chef series, J. Sheekey Atlantic Bar is delighted to announce the line-up for 2017. During April, May and June, guests can experience the unique flavours and cooking styles of Anna Tobias, Rachel Roddy and Ching He Huang, who will each cook alongside Head Chef Andrew McLay for one night only.

Each chef's menu will be in keeping with J. Sheekey Atlantic Bar’s signature, family-style sharing plates. Each event will offer an insight into the minds and methods of three food experts with diners having the opportunity to hear each chef discuss her food philosophy as well as experiencing their distinct menu. The dinners will take place from 7.30pm-10.30pm and tickets are priced at £50 per person.

For more information and to book, please visit:
Wrath - What makes you angry about the hospitality industry?
Anna Tobias Seven Sins
I wish there was slightly less ego in chefs’ cooking – sometimes I think the emphasis is on the chef’s talent rather than the produce and I believe that cooking suffers because of this. There seems to be a need to do something different or new rather than focusing on making food delicious. I also feel angry when I hear stories of aggression in kitchens – be it physical, verbal, sexist… - you’d think that by now people might realise that this sort of behaviour is simply unacceptable and beyond that, totally nonsensical. You will never get the best out of people unless you treat them with respect and make sure they are living a balanced life - and that means not over-working people, paying them properly and doing basic things like providing a staff meal.
Greed - If all your food fantasies came true what would be on your Plate?
Anna Tobias Seven Sins
If I could only eat one dish again then it would probably be chicken broth with semolina dumplings. But if it was a free-for-all then I’d probably throw in a few langoustines to start, maybe some girolles on toast and rice pudding or maybe a steamed treacle pudding with custard to finish.
Sloth - What do you do to unwind?
Anna Tobias Seven Sins
I really love going out to eat but I also have a penchant for slouching on the sofa and watching really crap TV. I also have an Arsenal season ticket and I really love going to football, where your attention is so focused for those 90 minutes - even if you’re having a terrible day, if your team scores then you share a moment of elation with 60,000 other people and that’s a pretty powerful thing.
Pride - What are you most proud of?
Anna Tobias Seven Sins
That’s a tricky one… I suppose I’m proud of the fact that I’ve worked hard to go through the ranks of a kitchen and learn how to cook well. I feel like I can say I’m a good cook and that I’ve achieved a level of respect amongst my peers and I’m proud of that.
Lust - Is there anything that you are still lusting to achieve?
Anna Tobias Seven Sins
I was supposed to be opening my own restaurant in May, which sadly didn’t happen in the end, so having my own place is still a dream.
Envy - who are you most envious of?
Anna Tobias Seven Sins
Envy is not a very nice thing! I’m ambitious and want to be high-achieving but I don’t want to envy others, rather admire their achievements and hope that I can do the same.
Gluttony - have you ever over indulged? 
Anna Tobias Seven Sins
Many a time! I think a pre-requisite of being a chef is that you are essentially a greedy person. There’s nothing I love more than having a large lunch with friends that carries on into the evening - plenty of food, wine and laughter. What more could you want?!
Seven Sins
Seven Sins
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