The Seven Sins of Richard E. Grant - Actor, Director & Perfumer
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The Seven Sins of Richard E. Grant

Actor, Director & Perfumer
Richard E. Grant
Born and raised in Swaziland, Richard E. Grant studied drama at Cape Town University. He moved to London in 1982 and worked in theatre until he got his big break with the cult hit "Withnail and I" in 1986.

Since then, Richard has appeared in over 80 movies, with some of Hollywood's leading directors and actors, including Gosford Park, The Age of Innocence & The Iron Lady. Richard has recently appeared in Downton Abbey, Girls, Jeckyll and Hyde, and Game of Thrones Season 6.

In 2005, he wrote and directed Wah-Wah, an autobiographical film based on his childhood, starring Nicholas Hoult, Gabriel Byrne and Julie Walters. He has written 3 books. With Nails has just been re-released as a Picador Classic, with a new foreward by Steve Martin.

In 2014, Grant realized a lifelong dream of venturing into the perfume industry, as a “one man brand” with Jack Perfume. It has recently been named a Cult Brand of the Future.

He's married to his wife of 29 years, dialect coach Joan Washington, and they live together in London.
Wrath - What makes you angry about the hospitality industry?
Richard E. Grant Seven Sins
Having to pay for wifi in some five star hotels, mini bars with Monopoly-money price lists (though they do make me laugh) and worst of all 75 course tasting menus with half a toasted marshmallow blow torched atop a crisped pig's ear 'amuse bouching' it's way into view. In other words, ponced about food that leaves you longing for a simple plateful of deliciousness rather than endless cartwheels of haute cuisinery.
Greed - If all your food fantasies came true what would be on your Plate?
Richard E. Grant Seven Sins
A warm baguette stuffed with black truffles and butter, followed by 16 lobsters, a pile of seafood spaghetti, rocket salad, and a jug of cranberry juice with ice, a bucket of freshly peeled lychees and a substantial Christmas pudding accompanied by a couple of scoops of orange sorbet to salve my journey into my food coma.
Sloth - What do you do to unwind?
Richard E. Grant Seven Sins
The more wound-up I am, the better I feel. Never seen the point of relaxation. Time enough for that when I'm boxed up and 'gone'.
Pride - What are you most proud of?
Richard E. Grant Seven Sins
Writing and directing my autobiographical film 'WAH-WAH' which enabled me to re- visit my past from the safety of middle age. Creating the 'JACK' perfume business two years ago and to have it win Best New Independent Perfume from the Fragrance Foundation was the culmination of a lifelong secret dream to bottle my 'signature' in scent. And to have my daughter work alongside me building a business.
Lust - Is there anything that you are still lusting to achieve?
Richard E. Grant Seven Sins
Launching 'JACK-PICCADILLY' in 2016 with it's combination of petrol, patchouli, leather, bergamot and woodsmoke is as close to capturing the scent of 'sex in a bottle' as I'm able to! (And to keep doing my 'day job' as long as people are willing to employ me).
Envy - who are you most envious of?
Richard E. Grant Seven Sins
Musicians and singers as their talent and power to move people is immeasurable.
Gluttony - have you ever over indulged? 
Richard E. Grant Seven Sins
At every available and possible opportunity! Eating and cooking is one of THE greatest pleasures. 'Life is a banquet' about sums up my philosophy!
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