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Welcome to the most recent addition on The Critics Guide, our lifestyle features. Whilst exploring every inch of the world we have discovered a host of products and brands that we are excited to share. The lifestyle chapter will feature everything from brands you can travel with, to luxuries you can add to the comfort of your own home. Luxury lifestyle has many diverse elements so we want to show you how to travel in style and accesorize your life so your vacation never has to come to an end.
Esteban, Lifestyle

Recently we have become somewhat obsessed with Esteban’s High Art Edition perfume mist diffuser, which has been a welcomed addition to our office. Estéban is a Paris born perfumery that creates some of the most beautiful...

Ambient Lounge, Lifestyle
Ambient Lounge

One of our most favourite new discoveries is a brand called Ambient Lounge, and more specifically, their ingenious outdoor Satellite Luxury Twin Sofas that completely eliminate any discomfort from sunbathing and lounging...

Tibo Nexus 400, Lifestyle
Tibo Nexus 400

Our fist experience of the Tibo brand came in the form of two floorstanding Tibo Nexus 400 speakers. We were a bit out of touch with Tibo as a brand, having not come across it before; so we were very intrigued to put these...

HelloFresh, Lifestyle

HelloFresh is a very convenient food delivery service, It offers those who are not so confident in the kitchen the ability to make amazing meals at home, and those who enjoy cooking to experience new dishes they may have...

Stellar Cookware, Lifestyle
Stellar Cookware

If you’re looking to upgrade your cookware, then you might like to consider the Stellar 6000 five piece pan set. These pans are made from hard, anodised aluminium and are not only immaculately designed, streamlined and pleasing...

The Throw Company, Lifestyle
The Throw Company

The Throw Company are a fascinating, ethical company that produce the high quality faux fur products. We were very pleased to have been introduced to this company, who make being stylish, classy and cool a very humbling experience...

Lumaquin, Lifestyle

If you’re in the market to upgrade your home lighting, and are looking for something that stands out from the boring, then floor lamps do not come more eye-catching than those from Lumaquin. Founded in Birmingham in 2015,...

Robert Welch Cutlery, Lifestyle
Robert Welch Cutlery

We can’t help but notice cutlery carrying the Robert Welch brand during our travels. This cutlery always stands out from the crowd, it has something special that sets it apart from their peers. We are always drawn to the...

Apple TV, Lifestyle
Apple TV

Apple TV has quickly become a go-to product for us, due to the amount of travelling we do, it’s almost up there with the phone charger on the list of “what to pack”. It has become second nature to make sure that this product...

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Seven Sins
Seven Sins
We put the spotlight on the industry's most recognisable faces in our new interview segment "Seven Sins". If you want to know what inspires the industry's movers and shakers or what your favourite food loving celebrity likes to indulge in then you'll find it in their Seven Sins.
Simon Rogan
Simon Rogan Seven Sins
Over the past 25 years Simon has developed his distinctive and inventive...
Simon Rogan
Atul Kochhar
Chef Patron, Benares Restaurant...
Atul Kochhar Seven Sins
Chef Patron of the highly acclaimed Benares restaurant in London, Atul...
Atul Kochhar
Fred Sirieix
GM of Galvin at Windows
Fred Sirieix Seven Sins
Fred is an acclaimed International Consultant in the customer services...
Fred Sirieix
Alexandra Dudley
Cook book author, Land & Sea
Alexandra Dudley Seven Sins
Artist, Londoner and entrepreneur, Alexandra will travel far for good food...
Alexandra Dudley
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