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La Bergerie, Provence

3100 Route de Bagnols-en-Forêt, 83440, Tourrettes, France
La Bergerie Review
5 Star Rating
11 April 2014La BergerieTags: Provence, France, Self Catering reviewsThe Bill: Seven nights from £1,870 per person*

From the moment we entered the gated villa, we were simply blown away by the presence of the facade, which is a sensation that continues throughout the building thanks to the attention of detail and level of quality that La Bergerie exudes.

Boasting six bedrooms, each individually designed, La Bergerie offers its guests the ultimate luxury experience. The beautiful interiors have been impeccably designed, and extremely well thought out. An iPad controls the lighting throughout the entire property and a Sonas sound system can be heard both inside and outside the property.

As far as gadgets go, La Begerie has it all; our room even came complete with a remote control fire. In fact, everything about our room was exceptional right through to the bathroom and its interchangeable light moods, candlelit chandelier above the bath, and the crisp white Ralph Lauren towels.

The room we chose came complete with an enormous private terrace, accessible from both the bedroom and the bathroom. It was the perfect spot for a bit of afternoon relaxation. And the terrace wasn’t the only indulgent feature, we were also treated to a walk-in wardrobe, which, like the rest of the property, lacked nothing in imagination.

“La Bergerie is the epitome of luxury hospitality.”

What we found particularly striking about La Bergerie, is their ability to combine contemporary elegance and modern comforts with traditional features. The decor is simply stunning. The villa is so large; it’s easy to lose your fellow guests, as there really is room for everyone.

Once we had explored our room, we headed to the hub of the villa - the kitchen - where upon arrival you can find freshly prepared lemonade and quiche-style treats. Enormous in size, the kitchen boasts a huge 12 seated dining table that allows guests to watch on as the team of chefs prepare, the chefs also have their own private kitchen that they use throughout the day to prepare.

Next door to the kitchen, you’ll find a TV room, filled with various game consoles, as well as Sky and Apple TV. My personal favourite room in the villa is the mini cinema in the basement. Also complete with Sky and Apple TV, the mini cinema gives guests the opportunity to purchase and watch a whole library of films on demand.

Another extraordinary feature of the villa comes in the form of their wine storage unit in the basement, where guests are able to store their wine whilst staying in the villa. Guests are also given the opportunity to pre-order their wine or Champagne before arriving - a service that also allows guests to set a budget for their trip.

La Bergerie offers a beautiful outdoor pool, and after a day of relaxing and swimming, we freshened up to sit outside with a glass of local Cote de Provence. With Bowie playing in the background, it truly was an exceptionally relaxing evening. Since the mood was right, we decided to dine outside, where the food was served to us by our chef. Evenings do not get better than this!

We started with the pan-fried lemon shrimp ‘Yum Yum’, the coconut cod goujons with sweet chilli jam, and the vegetarian mushroom and chestnut pâté with bread sticks to share. The battered lemon shrimp were perfectly cooked. The cod goujons were equally delicious, with the pâté offering a beautiful texture. We were in heaven.

For our main course, we then both moved on to sample the fillet of lamb with smoky rub and red fruit jus. As side dishes, we ordered the potatoes with truffles, the steamed spring greens and the aubergine gratin. Every mouthful was a sensory delight - the presentation was superb, the smell was incredible, and the taste was delicious.

Although wholly satisfied, we simply could not pass on dessert, so we both opted to share the sticky bourbon and cola pudding with crème Anglaise. We were not disappointed; it lived up to every single indulgent expectation.

Our entire experience at La Bergerie was simply magnificent - La Bergerie is the epitome of luxury hospitality. I would like to note that our experience would not have been the same without all the brilliant efforts of the staff. In particular, Helen, the House Manager, who really does understand the fine art of hospitality. We couldn’t have been made to feel more welcome, and that is a true credit to the La Bergerie experience.

We were very sad to leave La Bergerie, and that is testament enough in itself. We will be rushing back at the next available opportunity, and seriously recommend that it’s on your list of places to stay.

* based on 12 guests sharing, exclusive use only.

Photos courtesy of La Bergerie
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