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Sofitel Munich

Bayerstrasse 12, 80335, Germany
Sofitel Munich Review
5 Star Rating
27 August 2014Sofitel MunichTags: Munich, Germany, City reviewsThe Bill: £290 per night

The Sofitel, Munich, not a name to make the heart beat faster somehow, but, don’t be fooled. This is a beautiful and luxurious hotel in the heart of the capital of Bavaria, and well worth more than a short overnight stay.

Located in the heart of the city, close to the imposing railway station with great connections throughout Germany and further afield, this elegant Wilhelmian building houses the most luxurious accommodation.

A feature of the hotel is monumental art. Not piddling little shy water colours, or boilerplate produced-by-the-thousand prints, but high impact big art for all to enjoy. You feel as if you have arrived in a rather classy art gallery.

“Grand and sophisticated, yet with many comforting touches”

Rooms are elegant to a fault, with beautiful lighting and highly functional work areas. All the usual features you would expect - plasma screen tv’s (we had two in our prestige duplex suite, one upstairs and one down) free wifi, usb ports, espresso coffee making facilities - as well as more stunning art adorning the walls, a delightful bath and a separate rain shower.

Rather than venturing into munich on our first night in the city, we opted to dine in the Delice La Brasserie located just inside the hotel.

We especially liked the state of the art spa, fitness gym and swimming pool area, which offered every pampering treatment you can think of. If you plan to visit Munich to enjoy the galleries and museums, all of which are close at hand, or if you are on business, then do put the Sofitel on your short list of “Must try” places to stay.

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