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Lausanne Palace, Lausanne

Rue du Grand-Chêne 7, 1003 Lausanne, Switzerland
Lausanne Palace Review
5 Star Rating
27 January 2015Lausanne PalaceTags: Lausanne, Switzerland, Traditional reviewsThe Bill: £380 per night

Located in the heart of Lausanne in Switzerland, is Lausanne Palace. A grand looking building, surrounded with some exceptional views of the Alps and Lake Geneva. There is valet parking for those who arrive by car, and staff on hand to help guide you through to reception.

There is a lot to do in the city of Lausanne. It’s known as the Olympic Capital due to being the home to the Olympic Committee headquarters. There are numerous cultural activities, from museums, public parks to designer shopping. So plenty to do and see for all the family, and all within a short distance from the hotel.

We had a suite on the sixth floor, which was one of the newly renovated suites. The decor was classic, nothing too flamboyant but we had the perfect amount of space. There was a nice compliment of beiges and browns, giving the suite a neutral and modern feel.

“Lausanne Palace is full of charm and character.”

The suite had a separate living area with two large sofas, a dining table and chairs, complimentary mini-bar with soft drinks and beer, and we had an espresso machine. We were impressed with the living area, very comfortable and a great place to relax while staying in.

The bathroom was large, nicely designed with a separate bath and shower. High-quality finishes to all the appliances, and a definite sense of luxury.

We had some wonderful views over the city of Lausanne, in reflection it really is a beautiful city especially at night at the city lights up.

There are lots of facilities throughout the hotel, and a number of restaurants and bars, most notably Brasserie du Grand Chene and Palace Sushi Zen. They have a huge spa and fitness area, including a sauna, water pool, therapeutic baths and massage cabins. Just about anything you can think of.

Lausanne Palace is full of charm and character. The staff were friendly and welcoming at all times, we were well looked after and we would happily return.

Photos courtesy of Lausanne Palace
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