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Grace Bar, Berlin

Kurfürstendamm 25, 10719 Berlin, Germany
Grace Bar Review
5 Star Rating
13 August 2017Grace BarTags: Berlin, Germany, Cocktail Bar reviewsThe Bill: £49 per head

The Grace Bar can be found located inside the trendy Zoo Hotel in Berlin. This bar is actually one of my personal favourites, being beautifully designed and offering various different seating areas along with a small outdoor terrace, where you can sit and enjoy their impressive cocktail selection, if you’re lucky and the weather is on your side.

We were warmly greeted as we arrived and were shown to our table. For my first choice, I opted for a Shades of Grey cocktail, which consisted of a delicious earl grey gin as well as fresh ginger, topped with a dash of Champagne - this was the perfect choice to start the evening and was wonderfully delicious. My partner chose the Sakura and Sex, which consisted of yuzu sake with Grey Goose vodka, berries and rhubarb foam - another fantastic choice; fruity and sharp.

“The presentation is faultless and would certainly appeal to anyone looking for the perfect Instagram shot.”

For my second cocktail, I chose the Himmelblau which saw gin with fizzy lavender. This cocktail was aromatic and fun and went down all too easily. My partner went for Zhe Granny Celery Royal, which saw a blend of light rum with fresh mint and flavours of celery and apple in a “bathtub” full of Champagne. This cocktail was wonderfully presented and was certainly out to impress, it was a real highlight.

Finally, I opted for the Ding Dong Oolong, consisting of oolong infused Tanqueray 10 with granny smith and green mint purée, topped with sparkling sake. This was my favourite cocktail of the evening, as the flavours were so unique and wonderfully complimented each other - I could happily sip on this cocktail all evening. My partner went for The Pumpkin Spiced Sour which saw Coffey Grain whiskey with five-spice pumpkin chutney, lemon and sugar. Again, the flavours were extraordinary and provided the perfect finish to a wonderful evening.

The cocktails here truly are rather impressive; the presentation is faultless and would certainly appeal to anyone looking for the perfect Instagram shot. What’s more, each tasted divine and the evening was most enjoyable. We will certainly be returning to the Grace Bar and would encourage you to do the same should you find yourself in Berlin.

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