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Momo, Amsterdam

Hobbemastraat 1, 1071 XZ, Netherlands
Momo Review
4 Star Rating
4 August 2014MomoTags: Amsterdam, Netherlands, Sushi reviewsThe Bill: 67 per head

Momo can be found located in central Amsterdam. This busy bar and restaurant holds a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Wed heard that you simply cant come to Momo without sampling a cocktail or two, so we duly took our seats at the bar upon arrival.

For our first round, we sampled the Vondelpark Martini - a blend of gin, lemongrass, elderflower liqueur, lemon juice, rose syrup and cucumber - and a Watermelon Vanilla Martini - vodka shaken with fresh watermelon, lemon juice, and vanilla.

Our second round saw a classic Lychee Martini; as well as a Gold Digger - which is a blend of vodka, lemongrass and elderflower liqueur, lemon juice, white chocolate, and pineapple, sprinkled with gold dusted almonds. The Gold Digger was certainly a highlight, although all of the cocktails were simply delicious. We would certainly return just to sample the rest of the cocktail menu!

Be sure to go hungry, because, like us you will want to try and least one of everything!

Following our cocktails, we proceeded to our table, which we were delighted to note was a mini booth style seating arrangement. The restaurant actually boasts various table options; however we were pleased with our two-seater booth - which was very comfortable indeed. In fact, the whole restaurant is a very comfortable space. Everything is beautifully designed, with the fixtures and fittings being equally as impressive - we noted the polished chrome extendable lamps above each table, which offered the perfect mood lighting. This is a restaurant with style.

Along with the cocktails, we had also heard excellent things about the sushi, and waited excitedly for our food to arrive. We opted to sample the crispy duck with mixed cress and pomelo to start, along with the salmon and avocado ceviche. Our sushi selection consisted of the spicy tuna roll, the shrimp tempura room, and the crispy soft shell crab roll.

The sushi was simply beautiful. We were blown away by the flavour combinations - with the soft shell crab being a real highlight. For our main courses, we chose the fillet of beef served with hijiki seaweed and teriyaki sauce, as well as the Jurassic prawns with a spicy lemon sauce; which were equally as stunning.

Unfortunately, we did not have room for dessert, however, from the look of those coming out of the kitchen, its definitely something we will save room for on our next visit!

To accompany our meal, we went for a bottle of the Sancerre, Domaine Franck Millet, Loire, France, 2013 - which was the perfect addition, and complimented the sushi wonderfully.

Momo is definitely the new restaurant of choice for us in Amsterdam for cocktails and sushi. It is without a doubt one of our new favourites, and we would strongly urge that you check it out if youre in the area. Be sure to ask for a booth, and be sure to go hungry, because, like us, you will want to try and least one of everything!

Photos courtesy of Momo
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