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Bridges, Amsterdam

Oudezijds Voorburgwal 197, 1012, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Bridges Review
5 Star Rating
22 November 2012BridgesTags: Amsterdam, Netherlands, Italian reviewsThe Bill: £67 per head

Located between two canals in the heart of Amsterdam, Sofitel Legend Amsterdam has a long and grand history within this special city. Part of the Sofitel Hotel group, the Sofitel Legend Amsterdam has been converted numerous times before becoming the prestigious hotel that it is today.

This extraordinary hotel doesn’t just boast a great history. The Sofitel Legend Amsterdam is also the proud host of the wonderful Bridges restaurant. Serving award-winning seafood, Bridges combines simple Dutch cuisine with modern French style, allowing the delicate seafood flavours to shine through.

The restaurant creates a welcoming atmosphere with warm lighting, contemporary design and friendly service. It is the perfect setting in which to enjoy a delicious lunch or an intimate dinner. We started our meal with a glass of Moet & Chandon, 2004.

“It is certainly worth a detour for those visiting Amsterdam.”

Our meal at Bridge began with two delicious starters. I enjoyed King crab with baby gem lettuce, beurre blanc and olive oil, while my partner enjoyed a vegetarian dish of aubergine, buffalo mozzarella, hummus and pine nuts. Both dishes were rich and delicious but allowed the main flavour, in my case the king crab, shine through.

For my main course I enjoyed the Black Angus beef served with bone marrow, pommes pont neuf and béarnaise sauce. This was a rich dish but it was perfectly balanced. My partner enjoyed the risotto with green asparagus and courgette flower tempura. This dish was also rich and flavourful but was equally well-balanced.

To finish this delicious meal I enjoyed a selection of three homemade sorbets; lemon, chocolate and mango. All three were delicious and complimented the meal, especially the lemon which was sharp but delicate. My partner finished on a slightly richer note, enjoying the restaurants impressive chocolate fondant. Accompanied by coconut sorbet, manjari ganache and bagette noir, this was a wonderful end to the meal but was definitely not to be enjoyed in large quantities!

We thoroughly enjoyed our meal at the Bridges restaurant. It is certainly worth a detour for those visiting Amsterdam.

Photos courtesy of Bridges
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