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Andaz Amsterdam

Prinsengracht 587, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Netherlands
Andaz Amsterdam Review
5 Star Rating
4 June 2013Andaz AmsterdamTags: Amsterdam, Netherlands, Luxury reviewsThe Bill: 320 per night

Visiting the Andaz Hotel in Amsterdam is a totally exhilarating experience as around every corner there's an exciting art installation waiting to be discovered. It's like breaking into a museum of modern art and spending the night, only you don't need a hammer to smash open the windows, an excitable doorman is here to greet you and whisk you inside.

You don't have chance to ring the door bell, the door is opened as soon as your foot points towards the threshold. The only bells you need to look at here are the three huge church bells that span the lobby, hanging down from the ceiling, encompassing every floor of the hotel.

"It's like breaking into a museum of modern art and spending the night"

Checking in is like being introduced to the host at a lavish event, as long as you're on the guest list the Andaz provides you with a party to explore. A trip in the giant glass elevator gets us to our room, as we move up each floor a story unfolds within the wall art. The journey's too quick to soak it all in, before long we have another instillation to occupy us. The corridors are dark and somber and every passage is screening it's own short film being screened.

On Entering our room we are greeted by a rather large fish, naturally some more wall art. The room itself isn't huge in size but it's open plan design means you feel that there is more space to play with, and alas, we do have a walk in wardrobe so there are no complaints here.

After a comfortable nights sleep, canal side of course, we feel a little more exploring is in order. Traveling down in the elevator I feel a little like Alice spiraling down the rabbit hole, luckily for me I then stumble upon The Andaz Hotel's Secret Garden. There are several attention commanding statues and a huge section of wall art that reads "Alice in Amsterdam", so it seems I did travel down the rabbit hole after all.

Fairytales aside the Andaz is a great place to stay, even if you don't love design hotels, we are confident you will after visiting the Andaz.

Photos courtesy of Andaz Amsterdam
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